Friday, April 16, 2021

3 Fun Recycled T-Shirt Crafts


Everyone has t-shirts that they love but they no longer wear. Maybe you outgrew your favorite t-shirt, or maybe it got a hole in a very unflattering place; either way there are some awesome ways you can recycle your t-shirt to make it last many more years. There are several fun ways to reuse old t-shirts, and this article will inspire you to bust out your old shirts and get crafting.

My favorite simple t-shirt craft is the t-shirt pillow; it is easy and a great item you will use for years to come. All you will need for this project is an old t-shirt, needle, thread, scissors, and some stuffing. Now simply cut the sleeves of the shirt and the neck of the shirt so it makes a square. Next you will need to turn the shirt inside out, and thread your needle. Start sewing at the left or right side corner of the shirt where you cut the sleeve off. Continue sewing until you have sewn completely three sides around the square. Now sew half of the final side, and turn the square right side out. Fill the pillow with stuffing until it is a good density, and sew until the square is completely sealed. This project makes an awesome pillow out of a shirt you might have thrown away.

Another fun shirt project is a shirt purse. This project is easy, and it is a good way to recycle; all you will need is a shirt, scissors, and needle and thread. Simply turn the shirt inside out. Sew the top edge of the shirt, where your head would go, shut. Next cut the sleeves off of the shirt, and sew the holes shut. If this shirt is long sleeved this is helpful, but you can use short sleeved shirts as well. If the shirt has long sleeves you can use them as a strap; if not you can use a strong ribbon or piece of felt. Just sew the sleeve ends to the sides of the bottom of the shirt, and you have an awesome bag.

Another fun way to save a t-shirt that means a lot to you is making a t-shirt pot holder. For this project you will need a piece of felt, an old shirt, scissors, needle, and thread. Now simply cut out the part of the shirt you like. If there is a picture or a fun pocket cut out a square that is suitable for a pot holder. Next cut a piece of felt slightly bigger than the t-shirt piece. Now lay the shirt on top f the felt, and sew around all of the edges. Cut a small strip from the felt and sew it to one of the corners of the square. Now you have completed your potholder, and you have recycled one of your favorite shirts.

There are many ways to recycle things found around your home into fun and useful craft projects. I hope these ideas have helped you to reuse some of the items you might throw out.

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