Friday, June 11, 2021

Make Fairy and Angel Dolls from Common Household Items

There are many items you can find around the house to make some pretty cool crafts. In fact you would never believe how many different things you probably have just laying around your house right now that you could turn into a beautiful fairy or angel doll. This article will discusses the many ways you can make a pretty little doll out of things you would never expect.

Spoons are a great base for making angel dolls. Any spoon will do, and the only other items needed for this project is yarn, fabric, felt, a few beads or buttons for eyes, and a hot glue gun. Simply glue the eyes and yarn to the spoon to create a face and hair. Next cut a circle of fabric and poke a hole in the middle. Slip the spoon handle in the fabric and glue it underneath the round part of the spoon. Take some more yarn or a piece of felt and tie it in a bow around the neck of the doll. Glue this in place as well. Now cut wings from the felt and attach these to the same area. The doll is ready for play when you are done adding the finishing details.

Another fun way to make angels using regular house old items is using wooden clothespins. These clothes pins can be dressed and painted to look just like angels. Simply use a small paintbrush to paint eyes and half circle for the nose. Next paint a tiny red heart for lips, and add eyelashes for style. After it is dry simply add some yarn for hair using a glue gun. Now take a piece of lace and stitch threw the top of it. Pull it so that it is pleated and wrap it around the clothespin to create a dress. You can add pretty wings by cutting and painting pieces of cardboard. Simply glue on the wings and your angel is ready to fly.

Another great angel craft can be made out of old beer or soda bottles For this project you will need a round ball. Many of these can be purchased in your local grocery store. This ball will be glued to the top of the bottle after it is filled with some sand or rocks for weight. Next glue some pretty fabric and lace around the neck of the bottle to create a dress. Add some yarn to the top of the ball for hair. Paint a pretty face on the ball and remember to add a little pink around the cheeks for blush. You can then cut out wings from a soda bottle and paint them. I have used glitter paint pens to add details to the wings. Glue these to the back of your angel, and add beads and fake flowers for more detail.

These projects are just some of the great recycling crafts you can do. I love to recycle things into art, and I have written many articles about it. I hope you become inspired to recycle your garbage into a thing of beauty, and I hope you have enjoyed these crafts!

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