Monday, April 12, 2021

The Importance of Nutrients in the 4 Food Groups


The importance of nutrients in the four main food groups is huge. These nutrients provide the body with everything it needs to grow and maintain healthy function. This article will discuss the four main food groups, nutrition's affect on the body and image, and how to prepare and store foods to maximize nutrient retention.

The four main food groups all provide important nutrients for the body. Grains provide fiber, iron and b vitamins, which are important for several reasons including lower cholesterol, oxygen blood levels, and the nervous system (Nutritional importance of each food group). Fruits and vegetables provide potassium, folate, fiber, vitamins A, E, and C. Meat provides zinc, iron, vitamin E and magnesium, and the dairy group provides calcium and vitamin D. All of these nutrients help the body function and grow. They maintain health by preventing heart disease, cardiovascular disease, type-2 diabetes and many other serious health conditions. It is important to consume these nutrients to maintain health and a healthy body image. Eating right will enable you to feel and look better. Knowing what you are putting into your body will help to serve it instead of hinder it. It is a healthy lifestyle choice everyone should make.

Nutrition, lifestyle, health and disease are all interrelated because the choices we make in nutrition and lifestyle will impact our health and ability to fight disease. Nutrients provide the body with the substances needed for growth and maintenance of our bodies and minds. When preparing and storing food, it is important to maintain nutrition retention. Boiling and steaming are good ways to preserve nutrients, but raw foods are usually the healthiest choice (How to maintain food nutrients). When storing foods, you can preserve nutrients by freezing or canning them. When freezing, it is important to blanch many fruits and vegetables first, and when canning using a pressure canner ensures that the seal will be airtight.

Getting the nutrients our bodies need is important to maintain health and wellness. Meat, dairy, grains and vegetables and fruits are all important to a healthy diet and lifestyle. These foods provide the body with the nutrients it needs to grow and support life.


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