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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How to Easily Make a Floral Tiara for a Summer or Spring Wedding

You can make your own floral tiara for your spring wedding. Floral accessories are a must for spring weddings, and a tiara is perfect for the bride's big day. This article will provide you with detailed instructions on creating the perfect floral tiara for your special day in spring.
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When creating a vine tiara you will need a few thin vines, a bowl of water, string, scissors, and wire. Start by bending and wrapping a few vines together into an appropriate length for the tiara. Then bend the length of vines to make a U shape. Only bend the vines as far as they will go, and tie the string around the other end of the vines. This will keep the bended shape in the tiara.
Soak the vines in the bowl overnight. If the vines need to be bended more to make the correct shape, you can undo one end of the string, bend it more, and reattach the string. After the vines have dried wrap the second side in wire, trim the ends, and remove the string. The crown will keep its shape; you can add combs to the sides of the tiara using hot glue if you would like more stability.
Adding floral accents to your crown is important for spring weddings. Springs leaves for several appropriate flower choices such as daisies, anemones, apple blossoms, and lilies are all perfect spring flowers for a bride, and there are plenty of colorful flowers to add detail and beauty to tiaras. Begonias, cherry blossoms, and dahlias are bright flowers that will stand out in a crown.
Using a hot glue gun to add items is the best option, and there are many other items that look great in a spring wedding tiara. Adding pine cones, leaves, and acorns are a fun idea for these floral tiaras, and curly bits of vines, shells, feathers, and dried berry clusters add accent to these pieces. Adding beads, wire, gems, feathers, and glitter pigment will make your tiara sparkle. Jewelry findings, iridescent marbles, and pearls also add shine to your spring wedding crown.
Making a floral tiara for your spring wedding is inexpensive and easy. The tiara is a focal point of any outfit, and a handmade crown will make you really stand out this spring.

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