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Monday, April 8, 2013

Homemade Wedding Decorations: Spring Butterflies

Spring is a lovely season for weddings, and this season should be incorporated into wedding decorations. Butterflies first make their appearance during the spring, and they are the perfect theme for spring wedding. This article will provide you with detailed instructions on creating three homemade wedding decorations with spring butterflies as the theme.

Many of these projects use a butterfly template. Please check this post for a bunch of free buttterfly templates.

A butterfly garland is a lovely spring wedding decoration, and this homemade spring craft can be made easily and quickly. For this homemade spring wedding decoration you will need coffee filters, watercolor paints, a paintbrush, water, pipe cleaners, scissors, and ribbon.
Start this homemade spring wedding decoration by wetting all of the coffee filters and the paint. Add some drops of paint to the filters and the colors will swirl together. Allow the coffee filters to dry completely.
Then fold a pipe cleaner in half and pinch the coffee filter in the middle. Place the folded end of the pipe cleaner on top of the pinched section of the coffee filter and pull the ends through. Wrap the pipe cleaner around itself until you reach the other side of coffee filter and curl the ends of the pipe cleaner to make the butterflies antennae. Cut a long piece of ribbon and hook the butterflies on to the ribbon by their antennae. This homemade spring wedding decoration is easy to complete and it will look lovely on your big day.
Butterflies make a beautiful spring wedding centerpiece; for this homemade decoration you will need a butterfly template, cardstock in various spring patterns, scissors, glue, fishing line, a clear vase, flowers, and a tree branch. You can use fake flowers for this craft if you like.
Start this homemade wedding decoration by tracing the butterfly template onto the cardstock. You can make a butterfly template easily by finding an image of a butterfly and cutting it out of cardboard. Next cut out several butterflies and glue pieces of fishing line to the backs of the butterflies.
After the glue has dried tie the butterflies to the tree branch so they dangle nicely and fill the vase with flowers. Place the branch across or on top of the vase, and add a little glue to secure it if you like. This homemade spring butterfly decoration will look lovely as a wedding centerpiece.
Place Card Holder
You can make beautiful butterfly place card holders for your homemade wedding decorations. For this wedding craft you will need a butterfly template, scissors, patterned cardstock, a pencil, glue, and a black marker. Start this craft by tracing the template onto the cardstock, cut the butterflies out, and color the bodies and antennae black.
Next lightly bend the butterflies in the middle so the wings are closer together. Add a line of glue halfway up the body of the butterflies and attach two butterflies together. Make sure to leave a space in between the butterflies on top to place the name card. This spring wedding decoration uses butterflies in a creative and fun way.
Spring is a wonderful season for weddings, and it is a lot of fun to incorporate butterflies into your homemade wedding decorations. These homemade wedding decorations feature spring butterflies, and they will make your wedding unique and lovely.

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