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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Valentine's Day Crafts for Adults

With all the kids craft ideas out there adults can sometimes get left by the wayside, but this Valentine's Day there are plenty of fun crafts that adults can do. Valentine's Day is not just for eating chocolate and giving roses; it is a great holiday for crafting. This article will provide adults with several Valentine's Day crafts that they can enjoy.
Abstract Love Emotion Painting
Love is a mysterious thing, and it is a simple word, but it is hard to put it into imagery. Instead of focusing on the regular images associated with love this Valentine's Day try making an abstract love emotion painting. For this you will need music that reminds you of love, tempera, acrylic, or watercolor paint, paper, a paintbrush, and a marker.
Start this craft by finding a comfortable spot to work and gathering your materials. Put on the music you have chosen, and get comfortable. Write the word love somewhere on the paper; feel free to put it wherever you like and make it whatever size you like. Next think about love and how it makes you feel and paint. Use whatever colors you like, and whatever images or symbols you like. Try to go with your gut and just paint. When you are satisfied with your love inspired craft you can hang it on your wall for Valentine's Day.
Quote Wall Hanging
For this Valentine's Day craft you will need to find a quote that encompasses what love means to you. It can be short and sweet or a paragraph long. Print the quote out or write it neatly on a piece of paper. Use other mediums to embellish the quote. You can make the first letter much bigger than the rest and make a nice border around that letter and the top and side of the quote, or you can write the quote simply and add some small hearts underneath it. Decorate the quote however you like and frame it. This Valentine's Day craft is a nice way to bring the reminder of love into your home.
Love Collage
Making a love collage is a fun way to examine how you feel about love while making a nice piece of art. For this craft project you will need a piece of cardboard, old magazines, scissors, and glue. Start by cutting out the letters L,O,V, and E, and glue these letters to the middle of the collage. Next cut out several images that remind you of love; if you are thinking about a specific person you can add photos and items that remind you of them. Glue all of these items to the cardboard, and attach a piece of ribbon to the back so you can hang it up for Valentine's Day.
Adults can make many fun and inspiring crafts for Valentine's Day, and spreading love is always a good idea; so why not get out your crafting supplies and start getting artsy!

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