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Handmade Fabric Flowers for Bridal Bouquets

So I have been making a ton of bouquets and fabric flowers and I thought it would be a good idea and helpful to the brides out there interested in my bouquets to have a place where they can choose from a variety of flowers and sample the options.  Here are a bunch of different types of fabric flowers that I make I will list pictures as I get a chance so stay tuned for more!

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Small Felt Composite Flowers

Large Felt Composite Flowers
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Vintage Ribbon Ric Rac and Lace Flowers with Pearl Centers

Spiral Fabric Roses

These are made using a smooth satin material; they are hand sewn and can be made in a variety of materials colors, and sizes.

Singed Magnolia Flowers
Each petal is hand cut, singed, sealed, and shaped into a realistic looking flower petal. Pearls, crystals, beads, brooches and buttons can all be added to the center of these flowers.

Cotton Magnolias

Each petal is hand cut and sewn together to form a pretty magnolia flower. Pearls and embellishments can
be added to the center upon request.

Lace Carnation

Folded Ribbon Roses and Spiral Ribbon Roses

These roses can be made using a variety of ribbons and laces in different colors and sizes. They be accented with a wide variety of embellishments or left with a round spiral center.

Star Flowers

These are made using ribbon and pearls an can be made in a variety of sizes and colors.


These are handwrapped and sewn and often accented with pearls or brooches. The edge can also be wrapped with lace for a blooming look.
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Folded Roses
These are made from cotton and felt, but they can be made in a variety of fabrics!

Natural Folded Rose in Cotton

Lace and Ribbon  Daisies 
These are made with ribbon and can be made in a variety of colors and styles the little purple star shaped flower is also made from ribbon in the style mentioned above.

Raw Edged Daisy
The raw edged daisy is made with a variety of materials and can have a variety of center accents including crystals, pearls, buttons, and brooches.

 Singed Peonies
These can be made in a variety of sizes and colors. these pretty flowers are made with a variety of materials including satin, tulle, and chiffon.  Pearls, beads, brooches, and buttons are commonly added to the center of these flowers.

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Ruffle Roses With and Without Lace

These can be made using a variety of fabrics and they look especially romantic made with lace as well as another fabric. The center can be embellished with jewelry, pearls, or buttons. The ruffle roses shown in the following 2 pics are made with jewelry; one is satin and one is lace and chiffon.

Pinwheel Flower
This flower is made by folding layers into a pinwheel shape. The center can be detailed with pearls, jewelry, or buttons.

Cotton Dahlia Flowers

Cherry Blossom and Dogwood Flower

Dogwood flowers feature a pearl center and short raw edged spike petal leaves. Cherry blossoms are made from soft chiffon and other materials and shaped in a soft circle with an embellished pearl center. 

Hydrangea Flowers

These flowers are commonly used as a base for wedding bouquets and can be seen in these photos. They hydrangeas can be made using a variety of fabrics and the edges can be left raw for a rustic look (pic 1) or singed to create a ruffled look (pic 2). They can also be made out of a jersey knit cotton so the edges do not fray. (pic 3) Lace hydrangea flowers can also be seen in the previous picture containing pinwheel flowers.

 Felt and Tulle Button Flowers
These are made from layers and layers of felt, tulle, and buttons, and they can be made in a variety of colors and sizes as well. Brooches, pearls, and other beads can also be used on these flowers instead of buttons.

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  1. These fabric flowers are so cute, I will definitely try making some one of these days, good thing I still have some fabrics to use which I bought from