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About Art for a Home

Ok you see the title and my little blurb up top, but what is this all really about you may ask. I have always dreamed of owning an earthship, and many people have told me it is impossible, but being as stubborn as I am I refuse to believe that and I am going to make it possible. So I have been selling my art, and doing pretty well with it. Halloween was great, almost too great, and I was able to save enough money to start doing this full time.

Now that I can focus all my energy on my craft I have been churning out all sorts of stuff and having a blast but wait that is not what this page is about.

Ok so what is an earthship?

It is a self sustaining home that uses solar energy to power the home, thermal mass to heat and cool, and it reuses and catches its own water. This type of home is not only completely self sufficient, it is also beautiful. It is built using plastic bottles, cans, cardboard, and tires. It is made from recycled materials and recycles its resources just by existing. Here are some pics to show how awesome earthships are:


Ok so earthships are great and I would love to build and own an earthship; so thats what my goal is with my art. I am going to save all the money, after the bills are paid, and I am going to use it to buy my earthship.

I will be starting a new page shortly to keep everyone updated on my goal and my progress. Have a lovely day!!

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