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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Weird Al Mandatory World Tour Unicorn or Narhwal

So recently I sold a horn to Weird Al for his 2015 Mandatory World Tour. It is safe to say the coolest sale I have ever made. I was shocked and excited, Weird Al rocks! I made a silly thank you note obviously adorned with some foil, and shipped it express to help with the deadline. Here are some pics of what I sent and here is a link to the listing in my shop.

I have been searching the web to find some pics or videos of the unicorn horn in action. I have yet to find any which is super disappointing, but I would like to go to the port chester show in ny  so I may have to take my own pics. =)  I have been thinking about it, and I am not sure which song it would work for and if it would be used as a unicorn or narhwal horn. 

So what do you guys think Weird Al narwhal or unicorn? And if you have any clips or pics from the Weird Al's Mandatory World Tour I would love to see them!

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