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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Have it all: Organizing Clothes for Success and Quick Everyday Use

So in life's quest to have my cake and eat it too, there are a lot of challenges, triumphs, and missteps. One of the challenges I am faced with is getting rid of stuff, cleaning, and organizing.  In order to cut down on my clutter and chaos I have been weeding through my clothes.

I am not a shopper, but I am that person that people give big bags of clothes to. I am also the person who holds on to clothes that have been in need of disregard for way too long and has a problem keeping paint and glue off of my everyday wardrobe.

After reading a couple articles about how successful people wear the same outfit  or suit to work everyday,I had an idea. I don't want to wear the same thing to work everyday; I love color and fashion, but I don't want to think about what to wear either.

So I decided to bring some order to my wardrobe while also making things less complicated with this system.

1 drawer for work clothes; so pretty much anything with paint, glue, or glitter stains go in that drawer. 1

1 drawer for good clothes, anything presentable enough to not get a frown from my mom when she sees it =) (love you mom).

3 small drawers sectioned off with cardboard for undies, bras, socks,and other random girly stuff.

This way I do not thrown on a good shirt and then go paint a unicorn horn, and I do not have to do more than pick a top and bottom out of the appropriate drawer and be on my way.

This has helped me weed out a lot of things I don't wear by leaving me with some stuff that are not appropriate for either drawer. The things that ended up in this pile are things that don't fit, things that are ripped or stained, and things that just need to go in the trash.

So I tossed the garbage, donated and gave away the stuff that didn't fit, and separated the ripped and stained stuff into 2 piles. One for tie dyeing and one for making reconstructed clothing with. So I can get rid of stuff, but still give myself an excuse to be crafty and keep some stuff too.

Speaking of being crafty check out this post about recycling your stained clothes with tie dye and the 2 reason rule!

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