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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Tips on How to Make Inexpensive Homemade Wedding Favors

Weddings are that special day where everything from the flowers to your shoes has to be just right, and all of the little details can start to add up to a number a lot higher than your budget. Are many things one can do in order to lessen the cost of their wedding. Here is a list of inexpensive wedding favors you can make in the comfort of your own home.

A simple and cheap wedding favor that can be enjoyed for long after the wedding is over is a wedding song compilation CD. All this favor requires is printer paper, blank CDs and cases. You can choose the songs that you feel represent your love and your relationship and download them off of the internet. Then just print out the song list and a picture of the couple getting married. Be sure to include the couple's names and the date of the wedding on the picture. All you have to do next is burn the CDs and assemble the cases.
Another easy and inexpensive wedding favor can be made right in your kitchen. The ingredients you will need are Jordan almonds, dried fruit such as apricots and cranberries, a couple yards of netting, and ribbons with the couples names and wedding date printed on them. Mix the ingredients together and cut the tool into squares. Fill the squares, bunch up the netting and tie it with the ribbons. You can add candies or chocolates to these favors, and you can also tie little flowers around the favors if you like.
A very unique and inexpensive favor can be made for weddings happening in the spring or fall. For fall weddings all you need is some flower bulbs, ribbon, fake flowers, and squares of netting. Place a couple of bulbs in the squares of netting and tie them up with the ribbons and flowers. Another good idea is filling the netting squares with flower seed packets. These favors are frugal, and when planted your wedding will be remembered for a long time to come.
Weddings are wonderful events that should be cherished for years to come, and it can be celebrated in a way that is not expensive but still perfect with these little tips!

written by Sarah Ganly

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