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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tips on Creating Art Card Editions and Originals and Artist Trading Cards

Tips on Creating Art Card Editions and Originals and Artist Trading Cards

Art card, editions and originals are an easy and inexpensive way to make gifts for people, express yourself, and have a good time. I love making art cards and find it very relaxing. There is only one simple rule to these fun little cards; artist trading cards must measure 2 and a half inches by 3 and a half inches. This size is actually a convenient size because it is the same measurements as the average playing card. ACEOs and ATCs can be composed of whatever materials you enjoy working with, and here are some tips that I find useful when making ATCs and ACEOs.
I like to use a lot of collage work when making ACEOs so I usually do random image searches on the computer to find images that strike some inspiration for me. Once I find a good image I print it out and cut it out. If you do not have a printer you can use magazines or books to find images; you may also feel free to draw your own images.
Once I have a good image I place it on the cards I have precut from cardstock or cardboard, and I glue it down. I like to alter my pictures by adding some oil pastels. Oil pastels are fun because they smudge, and can be wiped away if you only want to add a hint of color to the original image. Acrylic paint is another interesting art tool to use because it can be watered down and used to create blurry effects. I also use paint pens, markers, and pens on occasion to add details that the paint and pastels can not create.
Another fun part of making ATCs is picking a theme. Since these little cards can be used as gifts it is fun to make holiday themed cards, and a handmade card is always more thoughtful than a store bought card. ATCs can be made for Easter by using bunny rabbit cut outs and fake grass. Beads can be used in place of eggs. Christmas themed ATCs are also nice gifts because you can use tinfoil to make angel wings and pine needles to add accents.
A major part of making ACEOs and ATCs is personalizing them. It is important that your art cards have your own personal touch, so make sure to let your artist freedom run wild. Feel free to use things found around your home that do not naturally seem artistic to add your own personal touch. Just remember to have fun when making these cards, and your ATCs will come out better than expected.

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