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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Time Management Tips for Teachers

Time Management Tips for Teachers

The job of a teacher is very demanding, and requires patience and excellent time management skills. There are many lessons that have to be taught and many decisions that have to be made in the daily life of a teacher. Organization is a key factor when teaching, and should be taken into consideration constantly. Simple steps such as labeling the places that different supplies belong, designating specific time for bathroom breaks, and having students hand out supplies needed for assignments are all good ways to save time when teaching. Here is a small list of tips that can be very effective when trying to manage your time as a teacher.
1. Assign each student a number in the beginning of the year, and have them label their assignments to be graded with the number. When the assignments are organized numerically it will be easier to put the grades in your grade book (Wagner, 2004).
2. "Pull out of storage all material that you will be distributing that day and place it in one area. Think through the lessons you will be doing and what materials you will need for each one," (Wagner, 2004, para. 8).
3. Assign jobs to students that they are capable of doing.
These tips will be very helpful in any educator's daily schedule because these tips will increase the amount of time spent being able to teach as well relieve some of the unnecessary stress that goes along with teaching. Assigning each student a number will reduce the stress of putting grades into record books because teachers will be able to go in order of the numbers instead of "looking at the names" which can be confusing and take more brain power (Wagner, 2004, para. 5). This also improves the ability of the teacher because the teacher can have a student organize the papers in numerical order. This gives the student the responsibility that the student needs. Pulling out all of the materials needed for the days assignments saves times during class and keeps the students from getting away from focusing while I am organizing the materials we need. Assigning other tasks that the students are capable of doing to the students also helps save me time, while keeping the kids busy, focused, and feeling good about their own abilities (Wagner, 2004, para.6).
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