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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Stuffing: An Easy Thanksgiving Side Dish on a Budget

Stuffing: An Easy Thanksgiving Side Dish on a Budget

by Sarah Ganly @

Thanksgiving is a holiday that everyone loves. You eat until you fall asleep and then you do it again. You can watch some big balloons on television or some wood soldiers marching on Thanksgiving, but the best part is the food. An important but sometimes over looked part of the Thanksgiving meal is the side dishes. My favorite side dish recipe is cheap, easy, and simply delicious. Here is the recipe for the best stuffing I have ever had.

My favorite side dish for Thanksgiving is stuffing. Stuffing can me made in several ways, but the easiest most delicious stuffing can be made from left over bread or rolls. I usually save the left over bread from dinner in the fridge for a week and a half. It is good to have a variety of types of bread because it adds different textures. I like to fill the bottom of a sheet tray about half way with the bread. Any type of bread will work, and the more variety the better. Soak the bread in water until it can be smushed between your fingers. You want the bread wet, but you do not want it dripping.
While you are soaking the bread about half a cup of butter in a pan with some diced onion and celery. You can add a bit of crumbled sausage or bacon to the mix for a heartier flavor. Add some chopped or dried sage, thyme, garlic, and cumin to the butter and cook until the onions are soft and brown. Now mix the butter concoction with the bread.
You can put the stuffing inside a turkey or you can cook it in the oven. I usually put the bread mixture in a big tray pan and bake at 350 degrees for about half an hour.
Stuffing can be altered for different tastes as well. You can add a bit of crumbled sausage or bacon to the onion mix for a heartier flavor. You can also try using some leftover fruit bread such as cranberry or raisin bread in your stuffing to give it a sweeter taste. Nuts can add a crunchier texture to stuffing so add them while you are browning the onions.
Stuffing is a great and essential side dish for Thanksgiving, and with this easy recipe and its variations you can enjoy a delicious home made Thanksgiving day meal with the best stuffing ever.

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