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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Societal Issues Students Face Should Be Dealt with by Schools

Societal Issues Students Face Should Be Dealt with by Schools

by Sarah Ganly

Three societal issues students face outside of the classroom are poverty, gender, and race. I think it is very important for schools to teach students values and strategies to overcome these challenges because schools are supposed to help students. Schools are supposed to empower students and give them all the things they need to succeed in life.
Poverty is a societal issue that students face, and this issue can be very destructive to a students success. Schools should make it a priority to educate students about financial aid options and scholarships. Schools should also make sure that students are aware that they can surpass this social issue and overcome it. I think a lot of students may feel that they can not overcome this issue, but the school should be able to assist the student in realizing their potential to go beyond this social issue.
Gender is another social issue students face. Schools should teach strategies and values to help overcome this issue. The gender stereotype should not be reinforced in schools; gender should not be emphasized in schools. There should also not be any accepted behavior in relation to gender because this will just create conflicts. Gender is an issue that students have to face, but gender should not be detrimental to a student's progress.
Race is another societal issue that students are plagued with. Many people have stereotypical ideas about race and many of these ideas are not only false, but they are counterproductive to the livelihood of a student. Race is an issue that should be addressed by schools because schools should emphasize that stereotypes are not true, and negative assumptions that go with race are also wrong. Race should not be used as en excuse as to why a student is not doing well; the real underlying situation should be examined and appropriate strategies should be formed in order to help the student to the best of the schools ability.
There are many societal issues that affect students and schools should make their best effort to help students overcome these issues. Schools should make sure to instill the knowledge that all students can surpass the issues they are given in society. Schools should also have the tools to help teach the students how to overcome these problems. Schools must realize that these issues are detrimental to the success of their students, and implement strategies to counteract these issues.

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