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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Social Injustices in Our Schools Can Be Improved

In any given multicultural classroom the concerns in terms of social justice for all students relate to advantages and inequalities. It appears that students that come from wealthier families are privileged in their educational situations, and students of lower income families are deprived of education. 

One concern is the conditions of the buildings that students, of lower income families, have to attend classes in. Another concern in terms of social justice is that students of lower income families are not provided with intellectually challenging curriculum and opportunities; where as students of wealthier families are provided with these opportunities and advanced learning environments. These social injustices effect many students and are detrimental to the majority of the world's population. These social injustices are direct example of oppression of a people, and should be realized and corrected.
The concerns should be addressed by the government and solutions should be demanded by the people. Less of the tax payer's money should be spent on oppressive wars, and more of the taxpayer's money should be spent on educating the people. Governments should allocate more money to improving schools and educational opportunity, and the people should bring this idea to their government's attention. Fundraises should be held in order to gather money for improving schools, and wealthier schools should donate money to schools that need it. It may also be appropriate for wealthier schools to offer advanced educational opportunities to students of other schools. Schools should unify more in order to increase levels of education. The people should make a strong push for higher educational standards, and an equal level of education amongst all should be a respected and pursued idea.
In order for all students to be treated equally and fairly it is important to give each and every student the opportunities and information that they need to succeed. It is also important to treat students equally and fairly by not discriminating against them for any reason. If students are discriminated against they are automatically set up for failure. All students should be given the amount of attention and assistance that they need in order to progress. The unbalanced level of educational standards should be corrected. Students and school districts that are less wealthy should be given assistance by the government and by other schools in the area that are wealthier. A higher level of academic equality should be established with the help of all because the future of all depends on it.

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