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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sample Love Letter: Adoration and True Love

Sample Love Letter: Adoration and True Love

I am in love. I have been in love for a long time Love is a hard thing to do, and it is even harder to do once you have done it and been wronged, but love is essential to all of mankind. It is what keeps us going; it is the number one choice we can make.

This is a love letter about my love; I offer it as a way of helping others to express their love. I also write it so that some can be reminded of their love and how to love. Sometimes it is important in a relationship to look again at your partner and remember what you love about them, and what loving them means to you. I hope this invites everyone who reads it to do something nice for their loved ones. Even if you just write a quote from this letter down and give it to someone you love it will brighten both your days and strengthen your relationship.
To My Love,
I call you my love because I know no other name in which to call you. I could call you my rose, but the petals of the rose dies and withers unlike the light I see in you. I could call you my sunshine, but I love you when you are pure light, as well as, when you made of dark shadows and cracks of lightning. I could call you many pretty names, but I will call you my love because that is what you mean most to me.
Love is the way I feel when I hear your breath while you are sleeping. Love is that look on your face that makes me forget everything. Love is the way your feet rubbing against mine is the only natural way I know to sleep, and love is the way I feel my eyes tear with happiness to be writing to you now.
My darling I write to you with no other intentions, but to explain to you how you are the passion that helps me get through the day, you are an angel and a friend, and you are everything I want because I wouldn't know how to be if I had to be without you.
With Sincere Adoration,
I hope this little letter inspired you to do something to show your love, and I hope you take with you the warm feeling I got when writing this letter. Have a lovely day!

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