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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Princess Castle Birthday Cake Made Easy

Princess Castle Birthday Cake Made Easy

by Sarah Ganly

Birthdays are a very special time of year for everyone, and one of the most cherished birthday tradition is the birthday cake. Kids' birthday parties are always special events, and many of them have themes. If you have a little girl in you life who is having a princess party this cake recipe is perfect for you!
This recipe is very simple and does not require much knowledge of baking. The construction of this cake is the important part. You will need the following ingredients:
3 boxes of packaged cake mix (choose whichever flavor your little girl likes) and the ingredients needed to prepare it
4 cans of white icing
Food coloring (red is good color, but yellow also looks nice)
A couple of toothpicks
A sheet construction paper
A chocolate bar (Hershey is preferred because it has blocks)
Assorted candy
Assorted cake pans and 1 cupcake pan
In order to make this awesome castle cake prepare the cake batter according to the directions on the box. Now in order to construct this cake I use a three 10"x12" cake pans, 2 square pans, and a cupcake pan, but you can vary the cake pans you need in order to construct the castle to your own personal preference.
Once you bake the cakes and they have cooled you can assemble the castle. On a large piece of cardboard lay the first piece of the biggest cake and ice it all around. Lay down the next two of the big pieces and ice it all like a normal cake. Next lay the smaller square pieces in the middle of the biggest piece and ice them in between and all around. Finally it is time for the cupcakes. Take one cupcake and cut the top off, lay it upside down in the middle of the smaller cake and lay the cut off type on top of the cupcake while it is upside down. This acts like a turret on the castle; feel free to add more turrets anywhere on your castle. You can put a turret in each corner of the bigger layer of cake.
Make sure to ice all of the layers together, and if the cake is dry do to coats to make sure you have an even solid white finish. Now mix the white icing with the food coloring and add some streamers to your castle. I go around the edges in loops to make it look nice. Attach little flags cut from the paper to the toothpicks and stick them in your turrets. Add the assorted candy for decoration and your cake castle is ready for the big day!

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