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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

No Egg Pie Crust

I am the type person who always wants to cook, but I never have the right ingredients. Its like I will have peanut butter but no jelly, or I will be trying to make bread pudding, but I will have no milk or cream. This happens to me all the time, so I have started to develop recipes that can be made without the obvious ingredients. This recipe is for no egg pie crust because sometimes you have all the fruit and delicious treats for the filling, but you have no eggs to make a crust!

First of all you will need your ingredients, but there are only four ingredients so do not get worried! The ingredients needed are two and a third cups of flour, a teaspoon of salt, half of a cup of vegetable oil, and half a cup of milk. The milk can be substituted for cream or buttermilk, but in those cases add a little less oil!
Now that you have all your ingredients gathered up mix the milk and vegetable oil together. Get a good blend into them so they mix well. Now sift the flour and mix the salt into the flour; remember to mix the dry ingredients separately. Add the liquid concoction you just made to the dry ingredients all at once. Mix all of the ingredients well.
The dough might seem a little strange at first, but it will taste delicious. The texture may be a little crumbly, but if this is the case add a little more oil until the dough will form and stay in a ball. The next step is to wrap the dough in plastic wrap, or if you are like me and never have everything you need you can use wax paper. Refrigerate the dough ball for about fifteen minutes.
After the ball is removed from the refrigerator it is ready to form a pie crust. Since there are no eggs in this recipe the dough will be harder to roll, so I suggest starting with a flattened ball and pressing the dough into the pie plate. The pie dish will not have to be greased because the dough has enough oil in it! You can try to roll the dough if you like, and if you do recommend rolling it in between two pieces of wax paper.
Now that you have your pie crust you can go ahead and start baking. You can bake the shell alone for cold pies like chocolate mouse, or you can fill it and bake it like you would any other pie crust!

By Sarah Ganly

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