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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Natural Home Beauty Tips and Recipes

Natural Home Beauty Tips and Recipes

Everyone wants to be beautiful, and many people do not realize how many things they can find in their homes on a regular basis that can be used to enhance beauty. These recipes are inexpensive and easy to reproduce, and these helpful tips only take a small amount of time.
Your skin is an organ that does not get the attention it needs on a regular basis. It is important to exfoliate your skin in order to help it remain healthy, and exfoliating will keep your skin smooth and soft to the touch. They can be used on dry skin for a more deep scrub, or on wet skin for a light quick exfoliating experience. Natural home defoliators are extremely easy to make.

Oatmeal is an excellent exfoliate and can be used to help rashes. It is gentler than salts and almonds, and oatmeal is good for sensitive skin. A simple oatmeal recipe is to mix ½ a cup of dry plain oatmeal with a ¼ of a cup of honey. Then mix ¼ a cup of sugar and water until it makes a slimy paste. Combine both concoctions and use liberally. Any of the mix that remains can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week.

Another natural and easy to make defoliant can be made using salt. Epsom salt works particularly well because of the size of the salt crystals, but the salt can be replaced completely by crushed almonds. Mix 1 cup of Epsom salt with ¼ a cup of milk, cream, or buttermilk. Then slowly mix in ¼ of almond paste and 3 tablespoons of chamomile tea. These ingredients are soothing and moisturizing, and they provide a very intense scrub.

Hair care can also be accomplished easily by using things found around your home. Coconut milk can all be applied to dry hair before showering. Leave the coconut milk on your hair for a half an hour. Make sure to rub it on your scalp for at least 3 minutes. Oil can be applied to hair before taking a shower as well. Essential oils can be used by them selves or mixed with other oils. Olive oil works well on hair, and all oils should be left on for a half an hour before showering as well. A wet towel can be heated for 30 seconds in the microwave and wrapped around head in order to increase the ingredients penetration. These methods all increase the softness, manageability, and shine of hair.

There are many facial masks that can be concocted in your kitchen. Combine 3 tablespoons of lemon juice with 2 tablespoon of honey and 3 tablespoons of yogurt. Beat 1 egg white and sift it into the other concoction. Leave the mix on you face until dry and tight. Rinse with warm water. Another good facial mask that is especially beneficial to dry skin is mainly made from bananas. To make this facial mask mash 1 banana and mix with 1 tablespoon of honey and1a tablespoon of brown sugar. 1 cup of clean fresh rose petals can also be mixed with 1 and ½ cups of cream or buttermilk. Heat the ingredients in a double boiler until water boils. Remove from heat and let cool. Pour mixture into blender, and blend well. These mixtures are quick and uncomplicated, and they can increase the health of your skin instantly.

These recipes are made from ingredients that everybody has in their homes. They take very little amounts of preparation, and can be saved for later use. All of these potions can sooth, smooth, and soften your skin, hair, and face and can be made on a shoestring budget.

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