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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Is Astragalus a Miracle Remedy for Colds?

Is Astragalus a Miracle Remedy for Colds?

The first time I heard of astragalus I thought the person had said asparagus. I wasn't sure if they were serious or just talking nonsense, but then I researched and found what they were really talking about was a type of natural medicine that can be used to help with illness.
Astragalus is a new type of alternative medicine; it has an interesting history and can play an important role in the fight against colds and other health issues. This plant has been used traditionally for Chinese medicinal purposes for many centuries. This plant is in the pea family, and it is said to help with the body's immune system. Chinese diet recommends usage of astragalus on a regular basis to maintain good health. A common name for this plant is milk-vetch and it likes temperate regions.
This oddly named plant is used to increase immune systems; it has also been know to help aid in weakness, cold, diabetes, high blood pressure, and respiratory illnesses. Astragalus is known mainly for its antioxidant benefits, and it is also know to help improve heart conditions. This medicinal plant is also useful to cure sore throats, and has shown that it may be useful in slowing the spread of cancerous cells. Astragalus is also used to improve digestion and as a tea by many Western cultures.
Astragalus consists of many compounds; some of the the components of astragals are amino acids, polysaccharides, saponins, trace minerals, coumarins, flavonoids, and triterpene glycosides. This incredible plant is used for the root mainly. The astragalus root can be used whole, sliced, or shredded. The root can then be made into a powder; it can also be chewed on directly. The astragalus root can be made into tea and put into food as well.
Astragalus has been used traditionally to heal infections and wounds, and to help with overall health because of its antibiotic properties. Traditionally this plant has also been used to increase energy and focus. Astragalus is an aid in digestion so it is used with other herbal supplements and plants; it is commonly found to be combined with ginseng. The antioxidant effects of this herb helps increase white blood cells and improve the body's resistance to colds and illnesses.
This plant maybe be uncommon in the United States, but it is gaining popularity because of the many useful benefits it possesses. Astragalus is widely used in the orient and its' potential is currently being studied in America. This plant should be studied further and taken advantage of for all of the useful purposes it can present. It may have a funny name, but if it can help slow cancer and prevent colds it is worth a try!

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