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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Individual Diversity, Conflict Management, and Teamwork

Individual diversity and conflict management relate to teamwork in several ways. Teams are made up of individuals and conflicts will always occur in group settings. Individual diversity and conflict management are things that relate to teamwork because they can be the success or failure of a team.

Individual diversity is inevitable; we are all different and have our own unique personality. Although many people may share traits and characteristics each person has their own background, environment, and beliefs that have made them who they are today. Individual diversity may seem like something that would seperate people, but in fact it can be a common uniter. Individual diversity is directly related to teamwork because it can provide progress and ideas that a team would not be able to come up with if every member of the team was the same.
Conflict management is something that is necessary to teamwork and everyday life. It is important to understand that conflicts do not have to be avoided or blown out of proportion, and if conflicts can be managed they can actually provide all members of a conflict with a valuable learning situation. Conflict management is something that is important for all people to understand and practice in all areas of their life, and it is extremely important when working within a team.
Individual diversity and conflict management are key factors to the success or failure of a team, and it is important to take both of these factors into consideration when working within a team. Individual diversity provides a team with several different areas of intelligence, learning, and personality, and this makes a team dynamic. These differences add strength and knowledge to a team, and these differences allow a team to see tasks on several different levels. Without individual diversity teams would be much less productive, and the "more attuned you are to abilities and personal traits the better you will be at identifying the tasks that you and others can best perform in team situations" (Bishop, Cartee, & Kravits, 2007) . Conflict management is another idea that can make or break a team. If conflicts are seen as a way of understanding and learning then much more can be accomplished, but if conflicts are avoided them they will remain and cause a stalemate in productivity.
It is important to take the individual diversity of team members into account when working in a group, and it is also important to practice conflict management in order to be productive. Both of these ideas are key factors that will determine whether a team is successful or not, and they should be taking into consideration when working in teams and in everyday life.
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