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Saturday, July 12, 2014

How to Make a Miniature Polymer Clay Sandwich for a Dollhouse

How to Make a Miniature Polymer Clay Sandwich for a Dollhouse

by Sarah Ganly @

Dollhouses are a lot of fun; especially when you can make your own accessories for them. I love to sculpt and make mini items out of polymer clay. It is so easy to use, and it bakes hard in 10 minutes. For those of you out there who love making things from polymer clay and love doll houses here is a step by step guide on how to make a miniature sandwich.
First you will need a small piece of white or off white clay, a medium piece of tan clay, and small piece of red clay, green clay, and yellow clay. Make sure all of your clay is pretty warm and soft. You can make this happen by rolling it around and playing it with it for a little while. The warmth from your hands will warm up the clay and make it easy to work with.
The next step is to shape the bread. Take the tan clay and separate it evenly into 2 balls. Flatten them and make them square shape. Next you will pinch them slightly on both sides about 2 thirds of the way up the sides. This will give the bead the look of a muffin top. That is the fresh baked out of the oven look you want.
Next it is time to assemble the ingredients for your sandwich. Use the green to make lettuce leaves; this part is very fun and simple. All you have to do is pinch and rip the clay until it resembles chopped lettuce. Next separate the ball of red into 2 or 3 littler balls. Now flatten those balls, and you have yourself some tomatoes.
All sandwiches are not complete until you add some meat and cheese; so take the white clay and flatten it into an organic shape. Think of the turkey you would buy at the store. This process is similar to making the lettuce leafs. You can also add a bit of beige to the white for detail. Now shape the yellow into flat squares, and don't worry if you can't get perfect edges. You can always use a knife or scissors to make the edges of the cheese straighter.
Now that you have all of your ingredients you can assemble your sandwich. Stack all of these little treats inside the bread and remember to make sure the edges are overlapped and viewable from the outside. Now put your sandwich in the fridge or the freezer for a couple of minutes. This will harden the clay right up, and when you remove it you can cut it in half with a regular house hold knife.
Bake this treat at the recommended temperature for about 10 minutes, and when it is cool have fun!

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