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Thursday, July 31, 2014

How to Draw Dragons

How to Draw Dragons

Dragons are famous mythical characters that appear all over the television and movies. They are awesome creatures that are a combination of lizard, snake, and bat. Drawing a dragon may seem intimidating to those who are interested in drawing mythical creatures, but they are not as hard to draw as is expected. This article will teach you how to draw the profile view of a dragon.
First you will need paper and a pencil; a basic idea of what you want your dragon to look like is also important. Remember that dragons can come in many shapes and sizes, and dragons can have ears, fangs, horns, big wings, or long tails. They can have talons or they can have scales, but either way it is important to know what you are trying to draw before you get started.
Now that you have your ideas and your pencil start by drawing a line for the neck. Remember dragons are kind of like snakes and the neck shape should look something like a question mark or a hook. Next it you will draw the head as an elongated egg or oval shape. If your dragon is going to be rough instead of friendly it is good to make this oval more box shaped than round. Remember the smaller end is the snout and should be on the outside of the neck. Then you will have to draw a flattened circle at the upper part of the egg shape that is closer to the neck. This circle will be where the eye socket and the eyebrow structure is located. Next draw another slightly larger circle underneath the eye circle, and this circle is the beginning of the dragon's jaw and mouth.
Now that you have the basic shape of the dragon you will have to fill in the details. Where you have made the eye socket circle you should draw an eye. Those of you who can picture dragons know that they have a rectangular or narrow shaped eye, and this shape should be placed at the bottom of the flatten circle so the rest of the circle appears to arch over the eye giving it definition. Next using the side of the jaw circle, that is closer to the neck, define the jaw line and extend it along the bottom of the head to where the mouth and snout would be. Now draw a line separating the upper and lower jaw that extends into the jaw circle. I like to make the line a little jagged because it can simulate teeth. This line can determine whether or not your dragon is smiling. This is also when you would create a slight line in the beginning of the snout for a nose whole.
Next draw to lines that are parallel to the neck line you have drawn. You will want these lines to create a wide enough space to make sense as a neck for your dragon. Remember again a dragon's head and neck look much like a snake, and dragon's also have an underbelly that varies like a snake. The first neck line you have drawn can help to define the belly of the dragon. You can make horizontal lines going across the belly to simulate the difference in scales. Now you can add horns, scales, fangs, and any other details you would like on your dragon. Remember to erase any unnecessary lines that you have used to create your basic dragon shape, and remember to have fun because that is what art is all about!

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