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Thursday, July 10, 2014

How to Create Miniature Dollhouse Cupcakes Using Polymer Clay

How to Create Miniature Dollhouse Cupcakes Using Polymer Clay

by Sarah Ganly 

If you have ever owned a dollhouse or even seen some miniature dollhouse items I am sure you can agree that these tiny items are amazing and precious. These minuscule items can be very detailed and lifelike, and they can also be fairly simple to make and a lot of fun! Here is a user-friendly guide to making dollhouse size cupcakes that you will enjoy for years to come.
First you need a few simple tools; one tool I find very hand is a putty knife or any solid item that can be used for cutting. Next I find it helpful to have a pin or a small pen, but remember you don't want ink on your art so use the pen that doesn't work. The final necessary item is polymer clay. It may seem challenging to choose which colors you like, but my basic rule of thumb is choose colors that would make a cupcake that you would like to eat. I usually choose an off white, pink, and 2 or 3 colors for sprinkles, but remember sprinkles are optional.
Now that you have your materials you are ready to start the fun part. Take the base color, in my case the white, and roll it into a ball; then shape the ball into a cylinder by flattening 2 opposite sides of the ball. This piece will make the bottom of your cupcake. Next I like to put this piece of clay in the refrigerator or somewhere colder to make the clay a harder consistency.
While this clay is getting hard take the icing color and roll it into a long tube or strand. You cam taper one end if you like, but it is not necessary. Now roll the tube into a spiral until it is the width of the bottom of your cupcake. When the spiral has reached the right width, start to spiral up on top of the original spiral to form a nice peak. At this point you can leave the peak or give it a little pinch and twist to add detail.
By the time you are done with this the cupcake base should be nice and hard. You should now use your cutting tool press lines into your base to give the idea of a crinkle edge. These vertical lines will add detail and depth to your cupcake. Finally connect the base with the top of the cupcake, and you should be delighted with the results.
Remember this project is up to you so make any type of cupcake you want. You can also add sprinkles by taking tiny multicolored pieces of clay and lightly tapping them onto the cupcake. Just bake and you are ready for a dollhouse birthday party!

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