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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Home, School and Society Affect Educational Goals

Educational goals and standards are directly affected by the goals and standards of the society in which the school exists. Home, society and schools play many similar and different roles in the educational systems of today, and educational professionals have to use these relationships to benefit the students.

Home plays a huge role in education because students come into the classroom with thoughts and situations that they have acquired from their homes. Some students have preconceived notions of values and morals that they learn from home (Lamlech, 2006). Some of these ideas can be positive and some can be negative, but the teacher has to figure out how to use these ideas and views to bring the class together instead of apart. Some students do not have stable homes, and this can cause many problems in the child's ability to be educated. The teacher must get to know each child and establish a healthy relationship (Lamlech, 2006). If this occurs than the student will be able to talk to the teacher and look for help. The home lays the foundation for the child's educational experience.
Society also plays a role in a child's educational goals and standards because it also provides students with a sense of values and beliefs. Society provides children with a picture of how they are suppose to act. Society also sets standards in which students and the American population are suppose to be educated (Lamlech, 2006). Because of societal views the government has passed many laws establishing standards for students, and educational institutes are supposed to meet these requirements (Lamlech, 2006) . As a teacher I would take advantage of the government programs that help with the education of society, and I would inform my students of them because there are many programs such as financial aid, that can help increase a student's ability to learn.
School plays a role in educational standards and goals as well. Schools directly implement the standards and goals of a student (Lamlech, 2006). Schools provide programs for students such as tutoring and math clubs, and these programs help promote education. Teachers must take full advantage of these programs, help create and volunteer for these programs, and inform the children of these programs in order to truly benefit from them.
There are many levels that influence the standards of students, and they should all be optimized in order to optimize the educational level of today's classrooms.
Lamlech, J. K. (2006). Curriculum and instructional methods for the elementary and middle school (6h ed.). , : Prentice-Hall/Merrit.

by Sarah Ganly

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