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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Growing Salvia Divinorum: Controversial Hallucinogenic has Value

Growing Salvia Divinorum: Controversial Hallucinogenic has Value

Salvia divinorum has been getting a bad reputation lately because of exploits in the news. It may be a strong hallucinogenic, but it is still a plant and deserves to live. Salvia divinorum is actually worshiped by people who believe in the spirit of the plant, and this has been happening for so long that salvia divinorum only produces seed on very rare occasions. This plant has to be cloned by people to continue to survive.
Salvia is not a party drug and should be used for sacred spiritual purposes. This plant should not be taken for fun, and should be only taken in supervised situations and with a goal in mind. Here is a guide on how to grow salvia divinorum.
Salvia divinorum is native to hot, and humid climates and loves to be outside. Your salvia divinorum plant can grow up to six feet in one growing season if it is outside. Plants also love sandy potting soil, so mixing sand in their dirt is beneficial to it. Make sure to keep your soil wet and spray your plant several times during the day. Salvia will do best with a lot of humidity.
If you are keeping your plant in a pot make sure to give it enough room to grow. The root system on a salvia divinorum plan gets pretty big so I recommend using a big pot with at least a foot diameter. Remember transplanting your plant will cause it to go into shock and it will not grow until it comes out of shock. If you are keeping your potted plant outside remember to bring it inside when it gets below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Salvia divinorum is very sensitive to cold, and it will die if it is exposed to freezing temperatures.
If you have an appropriate climate for growing your salvia plant outside plant with enough room for more plants to grow. When salvia grows very tall it will fall over and grow into the ground to start a new plant. Plants can also be planted in a pot or outside on their sides. This will cause many stalks to rise up out of the dirt. Trimming the leaves on your plant will help it grow taller quickly, and can help improve the life of your plants.
All salvia divinorum plants will live strong healthy lives if they are treated well and taken care of correctly. This plant can be an attractive and interesting plant to own, and should be valued for its spiritual purposes not discredited.

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