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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Educational and Instructional Philosophies

There are many instructional philosophies that can be incorporated into the classroom. I believe that Western, Eastern, and Native North American philosophies all have a great amount of knowledge to offer, and as a teacher I would incorporate all of these philosophies into my classes. Math, science, and reason are all very valuable lessons, and when teaching these lessons I would incorporate respect for the world around us. I would explain how important the world around us is and I would emphasize that this was the reason we have to learn about it. I would try to show the students how amazing the world is and how everything works together. I think that if this is established than a respect for the world around us will be formed naturally. I would also incorporate the ideas of wisdom, patience, and inner peace into the classroom because they are valuable life lessons. These lessons can help people grow as people and be more capable of learning at the same time. These instructional philosophies will affect my management role as a teacher because I will have to set the example. I will have to have patience, and respect, and enthusiasm for the subject. I think practicing these ideas will improve my teaching ability and help me grow as a person.
There are many different educational philosophies that can be used in order to teach effectively. As a teacher I would probably use both constructivist and behaviorist educational philosophies because I feel both of these philosophies play a role in the classroom learning environment. I would focus on constructivism for the lesson plans because I do believe that students learn the most from hands on activities and I feel that involving the students may increasing their desire to learn. I also would use the concept of positive and negative reinforcement in the classroom because I think it is a valuable tool in teaching. I think behaviorism is also a form of involving the students because they know what to expect from the way they act. Positive reinforcement is also a way of encouraging a student to learn and to think, and giving the students the ability to learn hands on and think things through themselves is the best way to teach. These philosophies will affect my management role because I will have to be very aware and knowledgeable of my students. I will have to remember to give them reinforcement and I will have to design lesson plans that will involve the students in a hands-on way. I think this will be a positive thing and will make the classroom more fun and exciting for everyone.

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