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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Art Class Lesson Plan for Elementary School Students for Mother's Day

Art Class Lesson Plan for Elementary School Students for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a great holiday for students to create gifts for their mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters and all the other women in their lives. There is no better gift than one made by the giver, and anyone would love these miniature flower bouquets. This lesson plan is easy and can be enjoyed by all elementary students.
The materials needed for this lesson include empty spools of thread; the students can bring these in from home, or the teacher can provide them. Pieces of wire are also a required material; paper clips can be unbent and used for this project. Scissors, acrylic paint, beads, pieces of felt, brushes, scraps of ribbon, buttons, clay, and glue are also necessary materials that will be needed for this project. All of these items can be found around the house, and many of these items can be brought in by th teacher or student, or they can be purchased for very low prices.
To begin your project, fill the hole in each spool with a little ball of clay. Next have the students paint each spool with the acrylic or tempera paint. Remember to lay newspaper down on the table in order to keep the paint off of the tables. Have the students paint the spools whatever color they like, and set the spool aside to dry.
Now cut the wire into 2 or 3 inch pieces, or unbend the paper clips and cut them to size. These pieces of wire will be the flower stems. Next use the beads, glue, and felt pieces to create little flowers. The students can just glue the beads onto the wire, or they can wrap little strips of felt around the end of the wire to create flowers. Buttons can also be used to create cute little flowers, and remember to make many of them. Glue little diamond shaped scraps of green felt onto the wire in order to create leaves.
When the spool and the flowers are completely dry the piece can be composed. Have the students stick the little flowers into the clay that is inside the hole of the spool, and make the students arrange these flowers however they like. The final step is to tie a scrap of ribbon around the spool.
These miniature flower boutiques are perfect for Mother's Day, and many other holidays. They can be given as gifts or placed randomly around the home so that they bring a little happy surprise to the person receiving them!

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