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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Review of Wednik; Wedding Management Made Easy

Hello all! I am writing this review to let you all know about Wednik. It is a great service that I have recently discovered, and it has a ton of tools built right in to help you plan your wedding. Oh, did I also mention that there is a free subscription option as well? Yes that's right you get a ton of services including task managing, budget tracking, local vendor search, and a place to easily store and organize wedding items and ideas. You can even get advice from handpicked wedding planners, and there are several levels of plans available from simple wedding advice to completely detailed planning from a personal wedding planner.

This site as an easy to use interface that is well laid and interactive. You can set tasks and assign them to family members, the groom, or your friends. You can send out updates about the tasks while checking your budget or looking at your favorite items. Wednik is a great way to keep all your wedding planning in one well organized place. 

To get access to all Wednik's unique services just sign up here. You enter your wedding date and it automatically provides you with a timeline for all the important steps of planning your wedding. The budget tracker allows you to watch your spending and calculate the costs of everything right in one place. This will save you time and money, trust me!

For more info and reasons about why you should use Wednik watch this quick video!

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