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Monday, April 1, 2013

Kaizen by Xubrnt Drawn on Life; A Bag Inspired by Life and Catered to Your Needs

Kaizen is a unique product that I would like all my friends and fans out there to check out and help raise funds for. The literal Japanese translation of kaizen is "change for the better" and this bag truly is. It is a wonderful product being created by Xubrnt and she is currently raising funds for a sewing machine she will need for the project.

Kaizen is a unique type of bag created from mini diamond ripstop poly/nylon which is durable and affordable! The bag comes in a variety of colors, and it "will hold your plastic, money, love notes, receipts, chapstick, and your keys with the attached split key ring, that can hang from your belt loop, back pack, or inside your purse". 

Check out this video to find out more! And remember to visit this page to help raise funds and receive something awesome in return. 

Check out this page to find out more about Xubrnt

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