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Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Wedding Site Review: Aspire Live; Events by Isaac La Buguen

Aspire Live is a wedding planning company that I recently checked out and decided I should share with my friends, fans, and followers!

The company is run by Isaac La Buguen, and you should check out their Google plus HERE. Why should you check them out you may be asking yourself. Well, because Aspire Live specializes planning, production, and management, and they can help you with your wedding from start to finish.

At first glance, I loved the photos on the google plus account, but  I wanted more so I headed over to their website. There I found a gorgeous album of weddings that they coordinated and a well thought out review of each wedding, the challenge they faced and how they solved this. This type of attention to detail shows a personal standard of excellence that you want for your wedding.

If you are looking for a wedding planning company that is going to strive to do their best and cater to all your needs from start to finish, this is the company you are looking for. So remember to follow them HERE

And now some more eye candy so you can see what Aspire Live Event planning can do for you!

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