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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Flower Arrangements for Winter Weddings

With all the flowers and accents available for winter wedding flower arrangements, it can be really tough choosing the right option. This article will provide you with several flower arrangement options for winter weddings so that you are not stuck making a tough decision.
Sugar Plum Fairy
For a sweet and delicate looking flower arrangement try using peonies and freesia. These fragrant and fragile looking flowers work well together. Freesia can be used for height because of their longer stems, and peonies are robust and lovely, and they will cover a lot of area. Add some glitter coated pine cones to this flower arrangement for that snow covered look.

Deep Romance

Red is a very popular color for winter weddings, and it matches nicely with many winter wedding color schemes. For this flower arrangement roses, gloriosa lilies, and peonies are a perfect match for each other. These flowers all come in dark red and purple hues and they vary in height for added depth. They are perfect for hand tied bouquets and centerpieces. They can be used alone or with winter accents such as fir branches, ivy, holly leaves, and berries. Adding dried seed pods and pearls will increase the dramatic look of this flower arrangement.

White Elegance

 and lilies are a great combination for a white themed flower arrangement. White themed arrangements are common for winter weddings, and although white may seem being there are many ways to add a special touch to an all white flower arrangement. Remember that white flowers come in a variety of shades. Pure white, cream, ivory, and pale pink and blue are all in the white family of flowers, and they can be used in combination to make a very elegant flower arrangement.
White bouquets are special for winter weddings, and there are many ways to spice them up a bit. Add holly leaves and berries, pine cones, and fir branches for unique style and dark contrast when creating a white bouquet. Glitter is another great way to make a white arrangement stand out, and you glitter will give your flowers that snow dusted look.  Dipping the tips of white flowers in silver or gold paint or dust also adds a glow to your winter wedding flower arrangements.
If you need help choosing a flower arrangement for your winter wedding, try these ideas. They are simple and gorgeous, and they will make your winter wedding really shine.

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