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Saturday, February 18, 2012

How to Make a Fabric Flower Corsages Easily and Inexpensively

I have been making all sorts of fabric flowers and bouquets lately, and it is a complete obsession I think at this point. I am thinking about flowers when I fall asleep at night. I made some corsages yesterday, and I thought I would share with you by providing simple steps on how to make a fabric  flower corsage easily and inexpensively.

Here are some pics to help you see the finished fabric flower corsage.You can also click the pic if you liked the corsage but didn't want to make it yourself.

                                                              Dahlia and Peony Corsage

This corsage is easy enough to make; you will need cotton fabric, chiffon fabric, pearls, wire, lace, satin ribbon, scissors, and needle and thread. A burning candle is also important. 

Start by cutting a couple of circles out of the chiffon, and make sure to vary the sizes. Then cut a 12" x 3" long strip from the cotton. Also cut three 4" long strips of lace and a 12" long piece of satin ribbon. Then cut triangles out of one side of the cotton strip. This will create the zigzag edge of the dahlia. 

Cut 2 short pieces of wire and thread a pearl on each. Twist the wire right underneath the pearl to make a small stem. Use the candle to slightly melt the edge of the chiffon circles. This will create a cup like shape. Then use the candle to seal the end of the satin ribbon.

Thread the needle and sew all the chiffon cupped petals on top of each other. Then sew a straight stitch across the botton of the cotton strip that is straight. Pull the thread tight so the strip forms a circle. Sew the 2 ends together.

Stick the wired pearl into the center of the cotton bud and sew shut. Then stick the other wired pearl through the center of the chiffon peony and sew around the base of the wire. Wrap the ends of the wire together so the flowers are facing away from each other, but still close to each other. 

Then wrap the lace strips around the wire to cover it and tie in a knot. Sew the completed embellishment to the ribbon, and your handmade fabric flower corsage is complete. 

 Here are some pics of other corsages I made yesterday as well. You can see how similar steps in this corsage are used in the other ones.

Hope this how to helped you and if you have questions, comments, tips, and tricks I would love to hear them!

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Stay tuned for more fun how to articles!

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