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Friday, November 11, 2011

Winter Bulletin Board Ideas Using Recycled Materials

Winter bulletin board ideas using recycled materials are fun and easy to create. Making a winter bulletin board id a good way to get students excited for the winter season, and using recycled materials is a great way to inspire kids to recycle. This article will provide you with detailed instructions on creating winter bulletin board ideas using recycled materials.
Snowflakes are the perfect theme for a winter bulletin board using recycled materials. For this bulletin board idea you will need coffee filters, scissors, markers, glitter, glue, and blue butcher paper. Start by covering the winter themed bulletin board with the butcher paper.
Then hand out the coffee filters to the students. Help students flatten out the filters and fold them in half several times. Help students turn the recycled filters into snowflakes by cutting different shapes out of the sides and top of the foiled filter. Make sure to leave areas of the folded sides attached so the snowflake remains intact.
Open up the snowflakes and allow students to write their names on the snowflake with the markers. Add glitter to the snowflakes using the glue and attach the snowflakes to the winter bulletin board when the glue has dried.
Mittens and Hot Chocolate
Another winter idea for a bulletin board using recycled magazines is a mitten and hot chocolate theme. For this winter bulletin board you will need paper to cover the bulletin board with, recycled magazines, pencils, scissors, markers, and cardboard. Start by covering the winter themed bulletin board. Create a hot chocolate template out of the cardboard using the pencil. Simply draw a rounded rectangle with a half circle handle attached to the side of it. Cut it out and set it aside.
Help students look through the magazine for patterns or colors they like. Help kids rip these pages out of the magazine. Divide the students in half and allow half to make mittens and half to make hot chocolate. Let the students make the mittens by tracing their hands with the fingers closed. Let the other students use the template. Help students cut out the mittens and hot chocolate. Help kids add their name with the markers and attach them to the winter bulletin board.
Recycled materials are inexpensive and fun to use, and using recycled materials will inspire your students to also be eco-friendly. These winter bulletin board ideas are quick and easy to create with students; so try them this winter in your classroom!

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