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Friday, November 11, 2011

Wedding Invitations: DIY Ideas for Fall Wedding Invites

Creating your own wedding invitations is a lot of fun; there are many DIY ideas for fall wedding invites. You can choose to make the entire invitation for your fall wedding, or you can choose to add a simple touch of fall to your DIY wedding invites. This article will provide you with detailed instructions several DIY ideas for a fall wedding invitation.
The first thing to take into consideration when creating DIY wedding invitations is the necessary details and the greeting. You can choose to print the written information and greeting using a printer and a word processor program. Using a word processor program will allow you to choose a template, a variety of fonts, and other details. You can also choose to hand write your message or hire a calligrapher to fill in the necessary information. If using a printer you should print the fall wedding invites before adding your DIY decorations to them.
Decoupage Leaves
Leaves are a great part of fall DIY crafts because they come in a variety of colors. Add beauty to your wedding invitations by collecting brightly colored dry leaves and using glue to decoupage them to the outside of your invites. A paintbrush should be used to coat both sides of the leaves and seal them to the invites. It is also helpful to add a little water to the glue before coating the outside of the leaves. A wide variety of patterns can be achieved with this method.
Pine Cone Petals
Pine cones are excellent fall wedding items for making DIY invitations. Using scissors or wire cutters clip individual petals off of pine cones. Use them to create flowers, patterns, or other fun designs on your fall wedding invites. Use a hot glue gun to secure petals in place. Beads, ribbon, and gems add fun to this DIY invitation.
Leaf Prints
Another fun wedding invitation for fall utilizes leaves. Paint can be used to make prints. Leaf prints can also be made using ink pads or a hammer. For this wedding invitation you should find a variety of leaves in different shapes, textures, and sizes. Using them to make prints is easy. Lightly dip them in paint and press it to the paper. Press them gently against ink pads and press them evenly on the invitation.
You can also use fresh leaves to leave a print by sandwiching the leaf in between a piece of paper and the invitation. Lightly tap the hammer on the area of the paper all along the leaf. The leaf will stain the paper. Feel free to overlap leaves for more color, detail, and depth.
These easy DIY ideas for fall wedding invitations will give your wedding invite that unique charm. Your guests will be impressed, and you will start preparing for your big day right by creating your own wedding invitations.

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