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Friday, November 11, 2011

Paper Plate Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Paper plate Thanksgiving crafts for kids can be easy and inexpensive. Paper plates are an ideal medium for holiday crafts. This article will provide you with detailed instructions for paper plate Thanksgiving crafts for kids.

A traditional paper plate craft for Thanksgiving is a turkey. This great craft is good for young kids. You will need a paper plate, brown paint, a paintbrush, tissue paper, a black marker, and glue. Start this craft by helping kids rip up the tissue paper into long strips.

Then help kids paint the entire plate brown. When the paint has dried help kids draw an upside down U shape for the head of the turkey. Add eyes and a piece of tissue paper for the beak. Then help kids glue the tissue paper onto the turkey like feathers. When the glue has dried you can hang this Thanksgiving craft in your home using some ribbon or string.

Thanksgiving Wreath

Another easy paper plate craft is a thanks wreath. For this craft you will need construction paper in red, yellow, and orange; you will also need pencils, markers, glue, a paper plate, ribbon, and scissors. Start this craft by helping kids trace their hands onto the construction paper.

Then help kids cut out the handprints. Glue the handprints around the edge of the paper plate. You can feel free to overlap the handprints. Help kids write Happy Thanksgiving on the center of the paper plate. Cut a small piece of ribbon and bend it in half. Tie the ends of the ribbon into a knot. Glue the knot to the back of the wreath to hang this inexpensive craft.

Pilgrim Hat

A pilgrim hat is the easiest paper plate craft for Thanksgiving, and it makes a great centerpiece for the table. For this craft you will need a paper plate, an empty coffee can, glue, black paint, a paintbrush, black paper, scissors, and yellow paper.

That this craft by gluing the coffee can to the center of the paper plate. Help kids paint the entire thing black. Cut a black strip of paper about an inch wide and long enough to fit around the bottom of the coffee can. Also cut a small square out of yellow paper. The square should be slightly bigger than the strip of paper. Then fold the yellow square in half and help kids cut the center of the square out. Glue the strip around the bottom of the can and glue the yellow square on top like a buckle to complete this craft with your kids.

Paper plates are inexpensive, and they are easy to use. Kids will enjoy these Thanksgiving crafts so try them this Thanksgiving holiday season.

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