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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Homemade Green Thanksgiving Day Invitations You Can Make for Free

Thanksgiving is a special holiday that reminds us to give thanks; there is no better way give thanks to Mother Nature then by using things you would normally throw away or find in nature to create homemade green Thanksgiving Day invitations. This article will give you step-by-step instructions on creating three homemade green Thanksgiving Day invitations for free.
Fall Foliage Invitation
Fall foliage is a great medium that is free for making homemade Thanksgiving Day invitations. You will need dried leaves; it is nice to find leaves when they are not completely dried out and press them in a book. You will also need glue, old cardboard, white paint, and a marker for this homemade, green, and free Thanksgiving Day invitation craft.
Simply cut the cardboard into a card size you like, and paint one side. Allow this part to dry, and sponge paint the outside to look like snow. The next step in this free Thanksgiving Day invitation is to glue the leaves flat to the front of the card and write a nice message on it. This green homemade Christmas invitation uses things you probably have lying around your home so it will cost you next to nothing, and free crafts are the best.
Pine Cone Flower Invitations
This free green Thanksgiving Day invitation idea is easy, elegant, and homemade. You will need a few pinecones, a pair of strong scissors or clippers, glue, a few beads or buttons, paper, and a green marker. This homemade green Thanksgiving Day invitation is virtually free.
Start by clipping individual petals off of the pine cone. Arrange these pieces into flower shapes, and glue them to the card; add the beads to the center of the flowers for the inside. Add leaves and stem using the marker, and it will add to the style you can turn them into a spiral border around the card. Add a nice message to the card with the marker, and you will have a lovely homemade Christmas card that is green and free.
Thanksgiving Day Collage Invitation
For this free homemade Thanksgiving Day craft you will need old magazines, paper, glue, and a marker. Start by cutting several images that remind you of what you are thankful for out of the magazines. Arrange these images onto the invitations and glue them in place. This is a fun and sentimental invitation craft because you can customize the images you use for the person who is receiving the homemade Thanksgiving invitation. Write a thoughtful message that conveys your thanks on the card, and everyone will enjoy these green homemade Thanksgiving Day invitations that you have made for free.
Making your own homemade Thanksgiving Day invitations using free and green methods is a positive way to spend your time crafting. Try these homemade Thanksgiving Day invitations ideas, and you will be proud of your green and free methods.

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