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Friday, November 11, 2011

Christmas Ball Crafts Projects for Adults

Christmas balls are a popular and inexpensive crafting item for the holiday season; they also make wonderful personalized Christmas ornaments and decorations. Christmas balls provide adults with a great opportunity for many beautiful and fun Christmas crafts, and this article will provide you with several Christmas ball crafts projects for adults.
Pigment Balls
This Christmas ball craft project produces one of the most unique and beautiful Christmas balls I have ever seen, and it is a very simple craft project for adults to complete. For this project you will need a paint brush or tongue depressor, pigment powders in your preferred colors, clear Christmas balls, and clear coat sealer spray.
To begin this project you will need to remove the top part of the Christmas ball. Do this carefully by pinching the wire circle together and popping off the top. Next spray the clear coat sealer into the ball and make sure there is enough to coat the entire inside of the ball. Now use your paintbrush or your tongue depressor to scoop up some pigment powder and drop it into the ball. Swirl it around and add more colors. Continue adding colors and swirling until you are happy with the balls design, and rest it upside down to dry. When your Christmas ball craft project is dry you can replace the top and hang it in your home.
Decoupage Balls
When deciding to make a decoupage Christmas ball craft project you must decide on the theme of the ball. You can use a traditional Christmas look by using old Christmas cards, you can use a color theme and cut out images in one specific color, or you can just use any images you like. No matter what decoupage theme you choose for your Christmas ball craft project the method for making this project is the same.
You will need several cut out images, crafting glue, a paintbrush, and a Christmas ball. Once again start out by removing the top of the ball. Next paint a thin layer of glue on the section of the ball where you will place your first image. Press the image into the glue and smooth out any air bubbles by adding another thin coat of glue to the top and edges of the image; continue adding images until the entire ball is covered, and allow the Christmas ball to dry. You can place a pencil inside the ball and put the pencil in a bottle to hold it upright; this will allow all of the sides of the ball to dry evenly.
Making Christmas ball craft projects is a fun and fulfilling way to for adults to be creative while making fun personalized Christmas decorations. Adults should these Christmas ball craft projects this holiday, and they will be amazed at what wonderful Christmas crafts they can make with their own two hands.

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