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Saturday, November 19, 2011

2011 American Music Awards Gift Lounge and Swag Bags

So I am super excited about the American Music Awards airing live tomorrow. I got a wonderful opportunity ti provide items to be given out in the swag bags for this big event, and I would love to see some celebrities take photos with my items.

Many of you may be wondering how I got the chance to be part of the American Music Awards; it started when I got invited to join this group on facebook called the indiExhibit. This group was a little over my head at first, but everyone was so nice and helpful I caught on pretty quick. The group of artisans comes together to provide swag bags for big celebrity events, and I was lucky enough to be a part of it.

So what will we find in these celebrity swag bags for the American Music Awards you may ask? Here is a sample of some of the items I contributed and links to where you can find them; just click on the pictures or you can check out my entire shop on etsy or artfire.

Floating Illusion Necklaces

They are made using soft bridal tulle which appears invisible on the skin; and the rhinestones are backed with felt or velour to improve comfort. The whole sparkly necklace is tied in the back with  soft ribbon which also makes it perfect for those with metal allergies.

Blue, Purple, Green  Floating Illusion Statement Necklace Bib Royalty ChokerFire on the Mountain  Floating Illusion Statement NecklaceSimple Blue Dangle Floating Illusion Statement Necklace

Original Word Art Paintings
These paintings were done on 5x7 canvas board which makes them great for gift giving. They provide inspirational words and ideas to make people smile and feel love.

You Are Blessed Original painting Word Art 5x7 Acrylic on Canvas BoardIts all Butterflies and Cupcakes Baby Original painting Word Art 5x7 Acrylic on Canvas BoardYou are a beautiful Flower  Original painting Word Art 5x7 Acrylic on Canvas BoardPaint Yourself a Rainbow Everyday Original painting Word Art 5x7 Acrylic on Canvas Board

Inspirational Photo Prints

I sent 4x6 photo prints to the American Music Award gift lounge, but I offer them in 8x10. I can make them any size really. These photo prints are meant to inspire.

8x10 Photo Scrabble Tile Print Hope Flowers Butterflies Pastels Photo Word Art Inspirational8x10 Photo Scrabble Tile Print LOVE and BE LOVED Whimsical Romantic flowers Photo Word Art Inspirational8x10 Photo Scrabble Tile Print Inspire Whimsical Butterflies Photo Word Art Inspirational

Glitter Crowns, Bows, and Stars Hair Accessories

These sparkly items are made using glitter foam, felt, and rhinestones. They are attached to a variety of hair accessories and are customizable. I thought Lady Gaga and several other American Music Awards celebrity guests would be interested in these items.

Double Shooting Star Headband Glitter Head Band Silver Gold White Sparkle PaisleyCustom Party Pack of 5 Sparkly Hair Bow Headbands Medium Kawaii Lolita Headband GlitterFeather Shooting Star Headband Glitter Head Band Silver Gold White Sparkle PaisleyGold, Crown, Queen of Hearts, Mini, Tiny, Sparkle, Princess, Headband, Burlesque, Princess Peach

I look forward to watching the American Music Awards and I can not wait to see the pics from the event. I will post any awesome pics including a picture of my display piece. My display piece for the American Music Awards gift lounge was a huge sparkly illusion necklace in dark rose, pink, teal, purple, and olive green. It was so gorgeous and looked great on the white velvet display I wish I had another one. I was so busy trying to get everything packed and my friends with the indiexhibit that I did not have time to take good photos of it.


Wrap up

So the AMA's went well and several celebrities showed up and received my items. Here are a list of some of the celebrities that were there.

David Banner

Massey brothers, Kyle and Chris

Twilight stars Christian Serratos (Angela) and Edi Gathegi (Laurent)

Glee star and gift lounge fave Josh Sussman with his girlfriend, actress Tess Hunt

Brooke Hogan

Tinsel Korey

Stacey Dash

Bronson Pelletier

the girl group BG5 Girls

Soulja Boy

Sheila E

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino

Lil Jon

Friday, November 18, 2011

Fabric Flower Bridal Bouquets for Handmade Weddings

I love making special items for special events, and weddings are super special. Here are some bridal bouquets I have created and you can view individual fabric flowers here.

You can also view a wider variety of fabric flower bouquets in my shop here

Bridal Bouquet, Vintage inspired, Cotton and Lace Cream Ivory Fabric Flower Bouquet, weddingsBridal Bouquet, Vintage inspired, Cotton and Lace Cream Ivory Fabric Flower Bouquet, weddings

These vintage inspired bridal bouquet is made using ivory and cream cotton material and lace. There are rosettes, mums, and hydrangeas in this wedding flower bouquet.

Royal Gold Vintage Fabric Flower Button Bouquet or Floral Arrangement Bridal Wedding Felt Tulle ButtonsRoyal Gold Vintage Fabric Flower Button Bouquet or Floral Arrangement Bridal Wedding Felt Tulle Buttons

This colorful flower fabric bouquet is made using tulle and felt fabric. It also features a ton of buttons, many of them are vintage.

The next bouquet I will be making uses satin, lace, tulle, and cotton and there will be peonies and pearls added into it. So check back for more fabric flower bouquets for weddings.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Homemade Green Thanksgiving Day Invitations You Can Make for Free

Thanksgiving is a special holiday that reminds us to give thanks; there is no better way give thanks to Mother Nature then by using things you would normally throw away or find in nature to create homemade green Thanksgiving Day invitations. This article will give you step-by-step instructions on creating three homemade green Thanksgiving Day invitations for free.
Fall Foliage Invitation
Fall foliage is a great medium that is free for making homemade Thanksgiving Day invitations. You will need dried leaves; it is nice to find leaves when they are not completely dried out and press them in a book. You will also need glue, old cardboard, white paint, and a marker for this homemade, green, and free Thanksgiving Day invitation craft.
Simply cut the cardboard into a card size you like, and paint one side. Allow this part to dry, and sponge paint the outside to look like snow. The next step in this free Thanksgiving Day invitation is to glue the leaves flat to the front of the card and write a nice message on it. This green homemade Christmas invitation uses things you probably have lying around your home so it will cost you next to nothing, and free crafts are the best.
Pine Cone Flower Invitations
This free green Thanksgiving Day invitation idea is easy, elegant, and homemade. You will need a few pinecones, a pair of strong scissors or clippers, glue, a few beads or buttons, paper, and a green marker. This homemade green Thanksgiving Day invitation is virtually free.
Start by clipping individual petals off of the pine cone. Arrange these pieces into flower shapes, and glue them to the card; add the beads to the center of the flowers for the inside. Add leaves and stem using the marker, and it will add to the style you can turn them into a spiral border around the card. Add a nice message to the card with the marker, and you will have a lovely homemade Christmas card that is green and free.
Thanksgiving Day Collage Invitation
For this free homemade Thanksgiving Day craft you will need old magazines, paper, glue, and a marker. Start by cutting several images that remind you of what you are thankful for out of the magazines. Arrange these images onto the invitations and glue them in place. This is a fun and sentimental invitation craft because you can customize the images you use for the person who is receiving the homemade Thanksgiving invitation. Write a thoughtful message that conveys your thanks on the card, and everyone will enjoy these green homemade Thanksgiving Day invitations that you have made for free.
Making your own homemade Thanksgiving Day invitations using free and green methods is a positive way to spend your time crafting. Try these homemade Thanksgiving Day invitations ideas, and you will be proud of your green and free methods.

Pine Cone Crafts for Thanksgiving

There are several pine cone crafts for Thanksgiving; they are inexpensive and easy to create, and they add special holiday spirit to your home. This article will discuss several pine cone crafts for Thanksgiving.
Turkey Centerpiece
Pine cones can help you make a lovely turkey centerpiece for Thanksgiving. For this craft you will need several pine cones, red, orange, and yellow paint, a gourd with a long neck like a turkey, a hot glue gun, hot glue sticks, a paintbrush, newspaper, two cloves, a toothpick, and a piece of candy corn.
Start this centerpiece by covering the work area with newspaper. Then paint each pine cone different colors like the tail feathers of the turkey. You will also want to paint some small pine cones for the turkey's head feathers. While the feathers are drying press the cloves into the top of the gourd using the pointed side. You may want to start the hole with a toothpick. The cloves will look like eyes.
Then add the candy corn like a beak by pushing a toothpick into the flat end of the candy corn. Push the toothpick into the gourd to secure it in place. Finally glue the pine cones onto the back of the gourd like feathers, and your turkey centerpiece is ready for Thanksgiving.
Thanks Garland
Another pine cone craft that will add a special touch to your Thanksgiving decor is a thanks garland. For this holiday craft you will need several pine cones, ribbon, heavy paper in fall colors, scissors, a pencil, leaves, glue, a paintbrush, a marker, hot glue sticks, and a hot glue gun.
Start this craft by cutting the ribbon long enough to suit the garland you want to make. Then use the paintbrush and glue to attach several leaves to the paper. Use the paintbrush to create a fine, even layer of glue. When the leaves have dried use the marker to write something you are thankful for on the backs of each leaf. Cut each leaf out and glue a pint cone to the top of them. Make sure the pine cone slightly hangs off the edge of the leaf. Then glue the other end of the pine cone to the ribbon to complete the garland.
These Thanksgiving craft projects are fun and easy, and they use pine cones as their main source. Enjoy taking a walk in the brisk autumn air, and you will find many pine cones to use for this craft.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Christmas Ball Crafts Projects for Adults

Christmas balls are a popular and inexpensive crafting item for the holiday season; they also make wonderful personalized Christmas ornaments and decorations. Christmas balls provide adults with a great opportunity for many beautiful and fun Christmas crafts, and this article will provide you with several Christmas ball crafts projects for adults.
Pigment Balls
This Christmas ball craft project produces one of the most unique and beautiful Christmas balls I have ever seen, and it is a very simple craft project for adults to complete. For this project you will need a paint brush or tongue depressor, pigment powders in your preferred colors, clear Christmas balls, and clear coat sealer spray.
To begin this project you will need to remove the top part of the Christmas ball. Do this carefully by pinching the wire circle together and popping off the top. Next spray the clear coat sealer into the ball and make sure there is enough to coat the entire inside of the ball. Now use your paintbrush or your tongue depressor to scoop up some pigment powder and drop it into the ball. Swirl it around and add more colors. Continue adding colors and swirling until you are happy with the balls design, and rest it upside down to dry. When your Christmas ball craft project is dry you can replace the top and hang it in your home.
Decoupage Balls
When deciding to make a decoupage Christmas ball craft project you must decide on the theme of the ball. You can use a traditional Christmas look by using old Christmas cards, you can use a color theme and cut out images in one specific color, or you can just use any images you like. No matter what decoupage theme you choose for your Christmas ball craft project the method for making this project is the same.
You will need several cut out images, crafting glue, a paintbrush, and a Christmas ball. Once again start out by removing the top of the ball. Next paint a thin layer of glue on the section of the ball where you will place your first image. Press the image into the glue and smooth out any air bubbles by adding another thin coat of glue to the top and edges of the image; continue adding images until the entire ball is covered, and allow the Christmas ball to dry. You can place a pencil inside the ball and put the pencil in a bottle to hold it upright; this will allow all of the sides of the ball to dry evenly.
Making Christmas ball craft projects is a fun and fulfilling way to for adults to be creative while making fun personalized Christmas decorations. Adults should these Christmas ball craft projects this holiday, and they will be amazed at what wonderful Christmas crafts they can make with their own two hands.

Wedding Invitations: DIY Ideas for Fall Wedding Invites

Creating your own wedding invitations is a lot of fun; there are many DIY ideas for fall wedding invites. You can choose to make the entire invitation for your fall wedding, or you can choose to add a simple touch of fall to your DIY wedding invites. This article will provide you with detailed instructions several DIY ideas for a fall wedding invitation.
The first thing to take into consideration when creating DIY wedding invitations is the necessary details and the greeting. You can choose to print the written information and greeting using a printer and a word processor program. Using a word processor program will allow you to choose a template, a variety of fonts, and other details. You can also choose to hand write your message or hire a calligrapher to fill in the necessary information. If using a printer you should print the fall wedding invites before adding your DIY decorations to them.
Decoupage Leaves
Leaves are a great part of fall DIY crafts because they come in a variety of colors. Add beauty to your wedding invitations by collecting brightly colored dry leaves and using glue to decoupage them to the outside of your invites. A paintbrush should be used to coat both sides of the leaves and seal them to the invites. It is also helpful to add a little water to the glue before coating the outside of the leaves. A wide variety of patterns can be achieved with this method.
Pine Cone Petals
Pine cones are excellent fall wedding items for making DIY invitations. Using scissors or wire cutters clip individual petals off of pine cones. Use them to create flowers, patterns, or other fun designs on your fall wedding invites. Use a hot glue gun to secure petals in place. Beads, ribbon, and gems add fun to this DIY invitation.
Leaf Prints
Another fun wedding invitation for fall utilizes leaves. Paint can be used to make prints. Leaf prints can also be made using ink pads or a hammer. For this wedding invitation you should find a variety of leaves in different shapes, textures, and sizes. Using them to make prints is easy. Lightly dip them in paint and press it to the paper. Press them gently against ink pads and press them evenly on the invitation.
You can also use fresh leaves to leave a print by sandwiching the leaf in between a piece of paper and the invitation. Lightly tap the hammer on the area of the paper all along the leaf. The leaf will stain the paper. Feel free to overlap leaves for more color, detail, and depth.
These easy DIY ideas for fall wedding invitations will give your wedding invite that unique charm. Your guests will be impressed, and you will start preparing for your big day right by creating your own wedding invitations.

Thanksgiving Themed Pipe Cleaner and Pompom Crafts with Kids

You can make fun Thanksgiving themed pipe cleaner and pompom crafts with kids this holiday season. Pipe cleaners and pompoms are fun craft items for kids. These craft materials are also very inexpensive and come in a variety of colors. This article will provide you with detailed instructions on creating Thanksgiving themed pipe cleaner and pompom crafts with kids.
Making a turkey using pipe cleaners and pompom crafts with kids is fun and easy. For this Thanksgiving craft you will need a medium sized brown pompom, a small brown pompom, a hot glue gun, hot glue sticks, wiggly eyes, scissors, and red, brown, orange, and yellow pipe cleaners.
Start by cutting 6 pieces of brown pipe cleaners into 1 inch lengths. Hold 3 pieces together and twist the ends slightly. Repeat this with the other 3 pieces. Add some glue to secure and bend apart to look like feet. Glue the feet to the bottom of the medium brown pompom.
Then glue the small pompom to the top of the medium pompom. Add wiggly eyes to the small pompom. Then cut a small piece of yellow pipe cleaner below the eyes to make a beak. Also add a little piece of red pipe cleaner to the bottom of the head. Then cut several pieces of red, orange, and yellow pipe cleaner about 2 inches in length. Then glue them to the back of the medium pompom. When the glue dries you can display your Thanksgiving turkey for the holiday.
Another simple Thanksgiving craft is a pumpkin. For this Thanksgiving craft you will need a medium orange pompom, a green pipe cleaner, scissor, a hot glue gun, and a hot glue stick. Start by cutting the green pipe cleaner about 2 inches in length.
Fold the pipe cleaner in half. Pinch the top half of the folded end and twist. Then pull up the ends of the pipe cleaner and twist into a curl. You can use a needle or toothpick to create a spiral. Glue the pipe cleaner stem to the center of the pompom to complete the pumpkin for Thanksgiving.
Pipe cleaners and pompoms are fun craft materials for kids. They can be used for a variety of craft ideas. Pipe cleaners and pompoms can be purchased inexpensively at local dollar stores or craft stores. Try these Thanksgiving themed crafts with your kids this holiday season!

Winter Bulletin Board Ideas Using Recycled Materials

Winter bulletin board ideas using recycled materials are fun and easy to create. Making a winter bulletin board id a good way to get students excited for the winter season, and using recycled materials is a great way to inspire kids to recycle. This article will provide you with detailed instructions on creating winter bulletin board ideas using recycled materials.
Snowflakes are the perfect theme for a winter bulletin board using recycled materials. For this bulletin board idea you will need coffee filters, scissors, markers, glitter, glue, and blue butcher paper. Start by covering the winter themed bulletin board with the butcher paper.
Then hand out the coffee filters to the students. Help students flatten out the filters and fold them in half several times. Help students turn the recycled filters into snowflakes by cutting different shapes out of the sides and top of the foiled filter. Make sure to leave areas of the folded sides attached so the snowflake remains intact.
Open up the snowflakes and allow students to write their names on the snowflake with the markers. Add glitter to the snowflakes using the glue and attach the snowflakes to the winter bulletin board when the glue has dried.
Mittens and Hot Chocolate
Another winter idea for a bulletin board using recycled magazines is a mitten and hot chocolate theme. For this winter bulletin board you will need paper to cover the bulletin board with, recycled magazines, pencils, scissors, markers, and cardboard. Start by covering the winter themed bulletin board. Create a hot chocolate template out of the cardboard using the pencil. Simply draw a rounded rectangle with a half circle handle attached to the side of it. Cut it out and set it aside.
Help students look through the magazine for patterns or colors they like. Help kids rip these pages out of the magazine. Divide the students in half and allow half to make mittens and half to make hot chocolate. Let the students make the mittens by tracing their hands with the fingers closed. Let the other students use the template. Help students cut out the mittens and hot chocolate. Help kids add their name with the markers and attach them to the winter bulletin board.
Recycled materials are inexpensive and fun to use, and using recycled materials will inspire your students to also be eco-friendly. These winter bulletin board ideas are quick and easy to create with students; so try them this winter in your classroom!

Thanksgiving Table Crafts for Adults

There are some great Thanksgiving table crafts for adults that cost little and look great in your home. Table decorations are a great way to bring the spirit of the season into your home. This article will provide you with detailed instructions on creating Thanksgiving table crafts for adults.
A fun and easy centerpiece that can be made for your Thanksgiving table is a centerpiece using pine cones, tissue paper, a paintbrush, glue, and a glass bowl. You can also use glitter or paint for this project for added effect.
Start this table craft by ripping the tissue paper into small pieces. Using the paintbrush and glue add the tissue paper to the pine cone. You can choose to cover each individual petal, or you can add different colors to different areas. When you have covered enough of the pine cones to fill the glass bowl you are done. Place the pinecones in the bowl with some glitter and place on your table.
Place Card Holder
You can make unique Thanksgiving place card holders using pine cones. You will also need pipe cleaners, scissors, a hot glue gun, glue sticks, an acorn, and wiggly eyes. Start by gluing the acorns to the pine cones so that the acorn looks like the head of the turkey.
Then add pipe cleaner pieces and wiggly eyes to the acorn to make a face. Cut long pieces of pipe cleaners to emulate the tail feathers and fold them in half to be tear drop shaped like feathers. Glue the pipe cleaner feathers to the back of the pine cone. Put place cards in between the tail feathers and the pine cone to hold them in place.
You can make unique Thanksgiving themed placemats for your table using contact paper, leaves, construction paper, glue, and markers. Start this placemat by writing something you are thankful for on the piece of construction paper.
Then glue leaves to the paper. When the glue has dried, cover both sides of the construction paper with contact paper. Cut the majority of the excess contact paper off of the edge of the placemat, but make sure to leave some of the excess to seal the paper in. You can also add stickers or glitter to the inside of your placemats for special sparkle.
These Thanksgiving crafts will make a one of a kind addition to your holiday table. Try creating these Thanksgiving table crafts, and you will love the special touch they create in your home.

Paper Plate Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Paper plate Thanksgiving crafts for kids can be easy and inexpensive. Paper plates are an ideal medium for holiday crafts. This article will provide you with detailed instructions for paper plate Thanksgiving crafts for kids.

A traditional paper plate craft for Thanksgiving is a turkey. This great craft is good for young kids. You will need a paper plate, brown paint, a paintbrush, tissue paper, a black marker, and glue. Start this craft by helping kids rip up the tissue paper into long strips.

Then help kids paint the entire plate brown. When the paint has dried help kids draw an upside down U shape for the head of the turkey. Add eyes and a piece of tissue paper for the beak. Then help kids glue the tissue paper onto the turkey like feathers. When the glue has dried you can hang this Thanksgiving craft in your home using some ribbon or string.

Thanksgiving Wreath

Another easy paper plate craft is a thanks wreath. For this craft you will need construction paper in red, yellow, and orange; you will also need pencils, markers, glue, a paper plate, ribbon, and scissors. Start this craft by helping kids trace their hands onto the construction paper.

Then help kids cut out the handprints. Glue the handprints around the edge of the paper plate. You can feel free to overlap the handprints. Help kids write Happy Thanksgiving on the center of the paper plate. Cut a small piece of ribbon and bend it in half. Tie the ends of the ribbon into a knot. Glue the knot to the back of the wreath to hang this inexpensive craft.

Pilgrim Hat

A pilgrim hat is the easiest paper plate craft for Thanksgiving, and it makes a great centerpiece for the table. For this craft you will need a paper plate, an empty coffee can, glue, black paint, a paintbrush, black paper, scissors, and yellow paper.

That this craft by gluing the coffee can to the center of the paper plate. Help kids paint the entire thing black. Cut a black strip of paper about an inch wide and long enough to fit around the bottom of the coffee can. Also cut a small square out of yellow paper. The square should be slightly bigger than the strip of paper. Then fold the yellow square in half and help kids cut the center of the square out. Glue the strip around the bottom of the can and glue the yellow square on top like a buckle to complete this craft with your kids.

Paper plates are inexpensive, and they are easy to use. Kids will enjoy these Thanksgiving crafts so try them this Thanksgiving holiday season.