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Monday, August 15, 2011

Fantasy Horned Flower Crowns Fairies, Cthulhu, Elves, and Nymphs

So I am super excited about the crafts i have been working on. i actually just finished 3 horned floral crown head wraps? I am not sure what to call them, but I can imagine fire nymphs, creatures of Cthulhu, and mischievous fairies or elves.

I started out by making polymer clay horns, and I had some sparkles and flowers. So instead of  just plain old horns; you can now have flower crowns with horns. There are a lot of awesome details in the three pieces, and I had a lot of fun using polymer clay to make pendants with jewels and gemstones. Actually wanted to keep the applique on the Cthulhu crown, and make it a necklaced, but I can make another one for myself at a later date. Polymer clay is really awesome to work with, and I think i will be using it more often.

I am considering making some hair clips, pendants, and possibly even incorporating some polymer clay spiral encased jewels into a wire tiara or circlet.

Anyway I will get to the pics I am sure that is what everyone is waiting for anyway.

Cthulhu Fantasy Horned Flower Crown Fairy Elf Nymph Costume

Fire Faerie Fantasy Horned Flower Crown Fairy Elf Nymph Costume Headband

I just really liked this pic but it is blurry

Oh and here is a pic of the clip I alluded to (or possibly out right mentioned, I cant Remember) /but more about that later. 

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