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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back to School Countdown Day 3, 4, 5 Crafts for all Ages

Okay so I have been super busy this week, and i slacked on posting awesome back to school stuff  because it was my niece's birthday. We went to the Land of Make Believe which is awesome and i recommend it to everyone. Since i haven't posted for a couple of days this will be a big one!

Here you will find back to school craft ideas for preschoolers, middle school kids, and kindergartners ! Hope you enjoy, and as usual if you want some ideas on anything back to school leave me a comment and I will post your reply ASAP during this back to school countdown.

Back to School Crafts for Kindergarten Kids

Back to School Photo Book
Making a back to school photo book with kindergarten kids is a great way to get ready for the first day of school. For this craft you will need a camera, markers, a hot glue gun, hot glue sticks, heavy paper, a hole puncher, scissors, and ribbon.
Start by cutting the heavy paper into several squares about 6 inches in length and width. Then talk to your kindergarten kids about the first day of school. Discuss the experiences that your kindergarten kid will have at school such as nap time, playing, and snack. Also discuss the steps before getting ready for school such as waking up and brushing teeth. Write an activity on the bottom of each paper square and place them in order.
Also write a title for the book on a piece of paper. Help kindergarten kids decorate the title pager and edges of the pages. Then have fun with your kids by having kids act out the different activities written on the page. Take pictures will doing this and add them to the pages in the book. Then punch holes in the top of each page in the same spot and string them on the ribbon. Tie the ribbon into a bow and the book is complete.
Back to School Countdown
For this back to school craft, with kindergarten kids, you will need index cards, markers, and a stapler. Start by helping kids write first day of school on an index card. Then help kindergarten kids write a number from 1-10 on individual index cards.
Allow kindergarten kids to decorate each card using the markers. Also help kids write down important things they will do to get ready for going back to school like shopping and packing their backpacks on the cards. Then staple the cards in order from 10-1 and add the first day of school card at the bottom. Staple the cards together, and as you countdown to the first day back to school kindergarten kids can pull off another card.
Back to School Organization Crafts for Middle School Kids

Pencil Case
A pencil case is a great back to school craft for middle school kids that will improve their organization. Making a pencil case with middle school kids will increase their coordination. For this craft you will need scissors, felt, embroidery floss, and a large needle.
Start by helping middle school kids cut the felt into a rectangle about an inch longer in length than their pencils. It should also be about 8 inches wide. Then help kids fold the felt over and thread the floss through the needle. Tie a knot in the end of the floss and help middle school kids sew the bottom and side of the felt together.
This is done by pushing the needle through the two layers of felt and pulling the string all the way until you reach the knot. Then wrap the floss around the outside edge of the felt and push the needle through a spot next to the first hole. Continue until you have made your way around two sides of the back to school craft.
Homework Bulletin Board
Another back to school craft that is perfect for organization is a homework bulletin board. For this craft you will need an old cookie sheet, white contact paper, scissors, felt, and glue. Start by helping middle school kids cut the contact paper to fit the inside of the cookie sheet. Take the backing off of the paper and attach it to the cookie sheet. This will create a great dry erase board for homework organization.
Then help middle school kids cut the felt into pieces long enough to cover the edge of the cookie sheet. Glue them in place. Feel free to use paint to decorate the felt and add special details to this back to school craft for middle school kids.
Supply Box
Another easy back to school craft for middle school kids is a supply box. For this craft you will need a shoe box, paint, a paintbrush, and scissors. Start by covering the work surface with newspaper. Then help middle school kids paint the entire box.
When the paint ha dried add some holes to the top of the box using the scissors. Middle school kids can improve their organization b sticking pens and pencils into the holes and filling the rest of the box with important supplies for back to school.
Back to School Crafts with Preschoolers Using Paint

Take Home Bags
Take home bags are a fun and useful back to school crafts for preschoolers. For this craft you will need tote bags, finger paints, paper plates, and sponge letters. You can make your own sponge letters ahead of time using a marker, sponges and scissors. Just draw the letter on the sponge and cut it out.
Pour the paint onto the paper plates and cover the work area with newspaper. Help the kids use the finger paints to decorate the bags. Then use the sponge letters to write each preschoolers name on the bag with paint. Help kids dip the sponges into the paint and press it lightly on the bag. This back to school craft is easy and fun for preschoolers.
Name Tag
A name tag is an awesome back to school craft for preschoolers using paint. For this craft you will need large white labels, finger paints, a marker, and paper plates. Start by helping kids write their names on the label with the markers.
Cover the work area with the newspaper and pour the paint on the paper plates. Then let the preschoolers decorate the tags with the paints however they like.
My Special Stuff Box
Another back to school craft for preschoolers that uses paint and will be used for the year to come. For this craft you will need shoe boxes, paint, glue, paintbrushes, newspaper, scissors, and old magazines. Start this back to school craft by helping preschoolers look through the magazine and cut out the letters needed to make their name.
Then cover the work area with the newspaper. Open the shoe box and help preschoolers paint the lid and the sides of the box completely. When the paint dries help preschoolers glue the letters from the magazine on the top of the box to complete their name. This back to school craft for preschoolers is a fun way to store school supplies or use as a cubby.

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