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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to School Countdown Day 2: Backpack Crafts, Wheeled Backpacks, Toddler Backpacks, and Spiderman for the Fans

Okay Day 2 in the Back to School Countdown and Today I am going to provide you with some fun backpack crafts and ideas for kids as they get ready for the first day of class!

Back to School Backpack Crafts for Kids


An easy back to school backpack craft for young kids uses foam sheets. For this craft you will also need scissors, a hot glue gun, hot glue sticks, fabric paint, a pen, and a backpack. Help young kids write their name on the foam sheets using the pen.
Then help kids use the scissors to cut out the letters. After the letters are cut out, help kids trace their name on the foam letters using the fabric paint. They can add patterns to the shapes as well if they like by using the fabric paints.
Allow the foam letters to dry. Help kids glue the letters to the back pack. This back to school craft is a fun way to help your kid keep track of his backpack.
Paint Markers
Another back to school craft that kids will enjoy is a paint marker patterned backpack. For this craft you will need paint markers in variety of colors, and a pencil. This craft is good for middle school and high school students.
Start this back to school, backpack craft by using the pencil to draw an image, pattern, or design on the backpack. If the backpack is a dark color, chalk can be used to initially draw the preferred pattern or image. Then help kids color in the images and patterns using the paint markers. Remember to allow paint to dry before using a new color marker.
This back to school craft is a great way to get kids involved in designing their back packs. This is an appropriate craft for kids that are young and old. For this craft you will need fabric glue, straight pins, and patches. If the kids are older you can allow them to use an iron for iron-on patches. Younger kids will practice motor skills by using fabric glue.
Start by picking out several patches that your kids like. Then place them in various spots on the backpack. When your kids are happy with where the patches are placed you can apply the glue or iron. If using glue add the straight pins after the glue is already applied. If ironing the patches on the backpack, use the straight pins to hold the patches in place when ironing.
Back to school backpack craft are a great way to help kids personalize their backpack
If you are wondering where to buy backpacks, check out these cute and fun back packs from Amazon. 

Wheeled Backpacks



Toddler Backpacks 

Toddler backpacks are so cute and perfect for the little ones.


This toddler backpack is so cute and cheap It is great for a toddler. 

Oh and spiderman backpacks are super popular. Seeing my nephew get excited about spiderman is reason enough to check out these spiderman backpacks.


So hope you enjoyed my backpack crafts and ideas. If there is anything back to school related you would like information on leave me a comment and I will post a reply during this back to school countdown. Stay tuned for tomorrows installment and enjoy picking out and spicing up a backpack with you kid for this school year. 

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